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Sat Sri Akaal Friends I am Sarabjit Kaur Welcome in My Channel Punjabi Village Food Factory Today I Will Learn you Matar Musroom Recipe For which we want Water Water should be done because we have to make a vegetable 4 Red Chilli 2 Star Flower Black Pepper CORIANDER 3 Big Crushed Onion 2 Big Tomatto Puree Ginger, Garlic & Green Chilli Paste Mustured oil for Tadka Green Peas 1/2 Kg 400 Gm Mushroom I have washed the vegetables I had many comments that you do not wash the vegetables It can never happen that the vegetable is cooked without washing it 1/2 Tea Spoon Turmeric Powder 1/2 Tea Spoon Meat Masala 1 Tea Spoon Degi Mirch For Colour one & Half Tea spoon Salt I have already prepared the material, now we will just Tadka The fire is set on Chulha To make the utensils not black, we put the mud on the utensils. The dishes are easily cleaned Now we will wait for the cooker to warm up First of all, we are taking mustard oil Oil is hot First of all, I will add red chili in it Star flower Coriander Bkack Pepper Put garlic ginger and green chillies solution Let’s make it lighten red When a light smell comes, put the onions in it. Add Tomato Puree Add Masale Salt Degi Mirch Meat Masala Some Viewer ask me question meat masala is veg or nonveg This is veg Turmeric Mix masale as well wait of cooking Add Mutter or Musroom in it Cooking in low Steam Will push the cooker Cooking in low steam The vegetable has left the water Cook for five to ten minutes As long as I make a vegetable, I’m taking your message Faiqamalik5 Najmul Huda Saikh Roop Mandeep Getsaby Love Parteek Wife Name Ritu Harbans Kaur Nav Navdeep Reet Khumari Aishwarya Mahajan Baba Muzafar Sona Kumari Take my Husband Name Ravi Simrat UK Simrat UK Simrat UK Bilal Majeed Take my Sister Name Anida Krishna Sridevi Rohit Bansiwal Soniya Soniya Soniya Anupama Sharma Anupama Sharma priya Khalid Shahab Ruksana Vareesha Fahad Sanjeev Kumar Anupama Sharma Messages are Complete

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