Mountain Dew Ice Cream | How to Make Homemade Mtn Dew Ice Cream no machine

hey everyone it’s james from foods and
today i will show you how to make this mountain dew ice cream now you can make
this at home its very simple you don’t need ice cream machine so keep watching and
I’ll show you step-by-step how to make this now the first thing you want to do is start
off with a cold Bow. l I stuck this in the freezer for about an hour to get it nice
and cold if you don’t want to do that you can
just take a bigger bowl filled with ice and a smaller Bowl inside take two cups
of heavy cream and you just want to whip this up until it forms stiff peaks this is what we want something like that
where it kind of holds it shape. it only took a couple minutes the colder your
bowl the better. take a 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk and just pour
it into your heavy cream mixture here now you just want to fold this in just
take a spatula and just fold it through until it’s all well combined this is your ice cream base now from
here you can make lots of different flavors you can just add whatever flavor
you want but we’re going to do is make this a mountain dew ice cream. now just
add your flavoring this time I’m using some mountain dew not a sponsor. just pour
that in there and fold it in now this next step is necessary but just
for fun because mountain dew is green I want to color my ice cream green so I
just have some green food coloring put that in there and mix this through now just take a freezer safe container
and we’re gonna pour our contents right on out into that. I like to cover my
ice cream with some plastic wrap and I just take it not just kind of push it in
pressed up right up against the ice cream itself and then put your lid on
and just take this sit it in the freezer you want to be in there for four
to six hours at least better yet overnight so after about six
hours of being in the freezer my ice cream should be nice and hard now so I’m
gonna take the top off and the plastic ok so it’s firmed up nicely now I’m just
going to scoop it out yeah now it’s time for the taste test and I
cannot wait to try this out i hope that turned out well it looks like it did so
let’s take a little bite here good it doesn’t have a overwhelming mountain dew
flavor but it does have that hint of mountain dew to it it’s very good if you
like mountain dew you’re gonna love this ice cream now this is a very simple
recipe to make you don’t need ice cream machine to make this so if you don’t own
one no big deal it’s simple to do you can
use it with a hand mixer you can do this with a stand mixer whatever way you
want to do very simple only a few ingredients so try it out well thanks everyone for watching I hope
you enjoyed watching me make this homemade mountain dew ice cream you don’t need ice cream machine to make
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