MineFactory Reloaded – Mob Grinders & Auto-Spawners

Hey guys and welcome to another block
spotlight. In this spotlight we’re going to take a look at the mob grinder over
here and the auto-spawner from the MineFactory Reloaded mod. Now first of all let’s have a look at
these recipes. We have to a factory machine block on the
bottom here which is constructed using stone and plastic sheets. Keep in mind you need these for every MineFactory Reloaded machine, so you might want to make a couple of those. Then the plastic sheets are made using
raw plastic, which can be obtained by smelting rubber bars or rubber from any
other mod. soda grinder also needs they’d call the
sword evoke the piston and of course in plastic sheets as well an overseer we had the office palmer now
discrete using some sugar cement divorced of course are factory machine
bought to emeralds amak mcqueen and some plastic sheets now in this episode three also going to
take a look at peace if arnett launcher and the different types of safari nets because we need these forty bottles
farmer so let’s have a look at their recipes as
well so the subprime it launcher is created
using some gunpowder some parenting gets a piece of redstone some glow stone dust
and some plastic sheets malady reusable sify net he’s a quite expensive using a guest
here and some and approves whereas the single usa trying that
disconcerted using some string the slime ball and some other finally we also have been killer safari
met and this constricted using a single used to find that and sometime bars now as i understand did uh… you use
the suffering that’s to capture mops andy taylor subprime etc will attempt to
preventing mop from d spawning so i have a little set the poster here settled at city quite eight toll until ding and let’s have a look inside of here so we have the lilacs bombers here and some conveyor belts now once one of these mops whilst bomb
they will be carried to the center hole here and they will drop down and well lamar
they promote grinder down here who is centrally kill them right so that’s basically it worked the
inside of that building here we go all right to know that her back and
outside we have to be block granted here which is powered by a redstone an eighty
cell to pass a chest that makes the reads to
catch ended drops from mob so the drops are outputted uh… to decide of this whole and the world the lever world turning
down of course then the beam up and also generates
essences which is be called montserrat since which is essentially essentially
liquid experience so we have a little liquidate here which
will carry it into this and think as you can see there’s already some tyson’s in
there and then finally we have to leave her
here to terry the essence to d off the spa mayhew which we will
get to later so let’s switch too hard mode so that we cannot sponsor mops let’s go back and now we should start hearing so much
bombing are not happy about it but this bombing okay great the malibu huntsville is simply turn onto the mop grinders and now we’ve built idle insurable before it starts working and there we go starts grinding marks and generating
essence so we’re getting two drops from the mobs
right here in distress and over here we have essence flowing in he centrally this is a very efficient
way to create the mob grinders leechers uh… either build a large building with a lot
of darkness for malts response were you play some formation side and that then you can just have the
grind it killed them office for you and of course all of the drops are can
be collected also inserted into parts of course so that’s very convenient and you have to days specimens flowing out that now this is a very
useful equipment several uses for its and this video angered sure you do you
sit with them faultless former which packed up right here all right now before we get to that we
actually need to use our safari hats now but these does is basically to
choose a safari net like one of these and people trapped them often says that
supported now i don’t really need all that many some just going to get the
single usa finance here so the multi use home of course can be
reused and let’s captured this slang we’ve got
hopping around here might suggest right-click at least try to right click free and
still in treatment and that is perched in there okay here we go mess peculiar wasn’t working okay let’s get the multi use one them okay so we hiatus financed which is still not working or i guess a redoing sketched i captured
this line here and uh… well you cannot use this
apartment launcher or you can just right-click it with di s’pore in now we
have the swine in this apartment and what you want to do is simply place
it in the opal’s farmer all right there we go and now all it meets is some moss residents ego this is filling up these guys don’t like this alright so
blitzer kill them for a second there we go and mildly just activate this and it troops start spawning splines uh… to keep in mind it requires a fairly large area there do it starts spawning some slams
around here and they’re not opal happy about me
deaths fairly obvious and as you can see just keeps pouring in a lot of uneven trying to get back to be a chiapas for
next year turn it off which is not really doing
all that well villains that switch back to creative mode and quickly fairness off before we have
an epidemic of my hands for itu that’s basically how the office fire exits fairly
straightforward and it will spawn a lot of malt you want to keep in mind for that
there’s a button here which says farmington copy now the
reason produces that some moms who actually malts farm exactly asi you’ve
captured them for example if you captured the weather
skeleton and you don’t have this doorknob level switch to yes it will spawn
regular skeletons leasing over the world so you’ll want to uswitch bomb the
spawning tech coffee for example if you’re trying to respond wheeler
skeletons so that’s basically it’s for uh… d mark brendor any office palmer hope you
enjoyed the spotlights and of course please rate and subscribe and i will see guys in the next video

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