Merry Christmas|Updates| 10 Day Juice Fast W/Juicing Momma

hey guys part of me eating some Jolly
Ranchers as you can see here so I’m a little bit distracted because those are
my favorite candies hard candies but today I just want to come on here and
say happy well merry Christmas to you and I’m hoping that you have a happy day
on your Christmas Day and I hope you got all the presents that you want it on
this day but I wanted to do some updates look at my my tongue I get so distracted
when I’m eating my candies I can barely talk at the time I’m like a big kid in
the candy store but I just want to do some updates on what is going to be
different about this channel his father’s my videos I will be getting an
editing software to start editing my videos and making better quality videos
I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with the quality videos I make now I try to
keep it 100 with everybody when upload the video is not about the quality of
the video but the content so never was suppressed about that but now I want to
start editing my videos making them more watchable and you know get you guys
drawn in war with my channel and what I am offering as far as helping you guys
out on your wellness journey so today I did a salt water flush and the red bag
enema and I feel really rejuvenated I’m going to be also eating
picking out today’s Christmas so I’m not going to you know you know feel
obligated to juice or eat ramen eat whatever I want it’s Christmas I’m gonna
do me day and I just want to check in with you guys and let you know how my
day was looking and what I had in store one being to eat my little red candies I
love Jolly Ranchers as you see I started early because I was going to do all the
munching after I finished off my videos but I said the hell with that today’s
Christmas I’m gonna do me just like you’re gonna do you and I also wants to
also bring up that January 2nd we’re going to mama juicy and myself and a few
other people we’re going to be doing juice cleanse
so if anybody wants to join us on this juice cleanse you’re more than welcome
inside yeah you were a second and we will be doing a juice cleanse for 10
days starting the year off right then I have a friend and B truck of 68 a lot of
you who’ve been following me for a long time know who he is he’s doing a 60-day
so I probably will join him as well now it would be primarily for me 60 days of
juicing with refeed meals because I don’t want to get too skinny but as a
support system and also something that I really need to do anyways I’m going to
join him on that juice cleanse as well so don’t want to make this video too
long I know today is Christmas Day and you’re gonna be with your families and
not up here watching me but I just want you guys to know that I am thinking
about you on Christmas and I want you guys to have a great day so with all
that being said please subscribe to the channel like and share this video and
make it a favorite and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now

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