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(upbeat music) – Hey munchies, welcome to the channel. If you’re new, I’m Alyssia. If you’re not new and you’ve been tuning in every weekday this month, we are doing an entire
series on meal prep. I’m showing slow cooker
and sheet pan dinners from my brand new e-book, which, as you know, you get for free if you purchase my Meal
Prep Ignite course. Guess what, enrollment opened
yesterday on April 8th. So as of now for only two weeks, we have a limited enrollment window, you can sign up for my
Meal Prep Ignite course where I teach you how to
meal prep for your lifestyle. This is not a meal plan. You can apply this to any
lifestyle that you follow. But it’s gonna teach you all
of the tips and information and education that you’re gonna need to make an efficient prep for you. So today, I am going to take you through my Meal Prep Ignite system, which is all of these printables that are included in the course, and I’m gonna show you
my menu for the week, an example, and how I’m gonna prep it. I’m gonna do the entire prep right here for you today on YouTube, and then if you want more,
you can check out my course at So before we started filming I
got everything ready to film, so pretty much this is
the end of my planning. I am at my prep day. But before that, I filled
out all of these tools. Now it doesn’t take that long. It only takes me 30 to 45 minutes. It might take you an hour
if you’re new to meal prep. But the idea is these
tools make it so that you’re gonna save time and money. You’re not gonna waste any
ingredients that you already have because you have your kitchen inventory. I’m gonna show you how
to plan out your week so that you don’t waste time
making meals you don’t need. I have a work lunch on Wednesday, so I know I won’t need a meal on that day. Then you’re gonna plan out your full menu. So my menu for the week, for breakfast I have two breakfasts. I’ve got fruit and yogurt parfaits and apple cinnamon oat muffins. Those are also gonna double
as a snack if I have extras. I also have an egg salad pita with a chimichurri sauce for lunch, and for dinner I’ve
got a chicken pot roast and barbecue drumsticks. These are gonna touch on what
we’ve been doing all month, the sheet pan and the slow cooker meals. And for snacks I’ve got oat muffins, olives, radish and snap peas with salsa, and some tangerines. So that is the menu for the week. Just to give you a little
preview of the tools, I was also able to write down
all of my menu ingredients so I made sure to not miss anything. I have a whole system that I teach you how to use in my course and then a grocery list that you can
easily compile everything, take to the store with you, and check it off so you make sure you aren’t missing anything on prep day. So your prep day map is gonna help you use your kitchen equipment
and time most efficiently. You’re gonna see exactly what
you need to do on prep day, but it isn’t until you get
to the prep day game plan that you plan out exactly the order you’re gonna do everything, which is today. I can come into the kitchen. I know exactly what I
need to do in what order, how long it’s gonna take me, and I’m gonna make this a breeze. My oven is preheated. The first thing on my list
are my apple cinnamon oat blender muffins. They are so easy. The first thing I’m gonna do is blend up my oats in the blender. The beauty of this recipe
is everything literally goes into the blender and
then my batter’s done. So first, let’s make
these oats into a flour. Now I can just add all of
the remaining ingredients and blend it up. (upbeat music) Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes. – [Alexa] 10 minutes, starting now. (upbeat music) – I’m gonna get started with my pot roast since I have a lot of
produce to prep for that. So as I mentioned, and as you’ve been seeing
in this series this month, everything in my slow cooker meals goes straight into a big freezer bag, and then that can just
get refrigerated or frozen until whenever I wanna cook it, and I’ve got my slow
cooker meal ready to go. (relaxing music) (upbeat music) (timer beeping) My slow cooker meal produce is prepped as much as I need to for now. My muffins are ready
to come out of the oven and then I can finish prepping
the rest of my produce. (upbeat music) I’m gonna prep the produce that I need for my side salad at lunch, which consists of mostly
arugula, cucumbers, and tomatoes. In my course, I share
a best and worst tool. It’s a reference sheet
that gives you an idea of what are the items that
will last for the longest or the shortest amounts of time. Cucumbers are not a great meal prep food, especially once you cut them, they’ll only last one to three days. So, what I like to do is
store them in a produce saver, and they’ll last up to about
four, sometimes five days. If you’re worried, you could always prep one less day of salads. But this way I extend the shelf life just a little bit longer. Now I’m going to prep my snack jars. I am using snap peas, and I have bought a washed
and ready bag of them, so I don’t have to do anything with that. And I have radishes which
I’m going to just pick off, wash, and then chop, and I
will fill my jars for the week. (upbeat music) I’ve got green beans as my vegetable with my sheet pan dinners. Now the beauty of a sheet pan dinner, in case you don’t already
know from our April series, is everything gets prepped on prep day, and then during the week
everything goes onto a sheet pan and into the oven at once. So you’re carb, your
vegetable, and your protein get cooked together for the
easiest fresh weeknight meal. The last piece of produce I need to prep is shallot for my chimichurri sauce. My chimichurri sauce is gonna get made in the food processor, so rather than spending a bunch of time meticulously dicing it, I’m just gonna roughly cut what I need and then I’ll pulse it up in here. All of the produce is done, now I just need to finish
prepping some basic protein. So I have my boiled eggs
for my chopped egg salad, and I have my chicken for my pot roast. Now, you can see I have two cutting boards out this whole time because I like to have stations, and one of those I recommend
being your raw food or meat station, just so you
avoid cross contamination. Now, you can totally boil your own eggs. To me, it’s a pain. I’m really bad at it, so I buy them preboiled now, and they’re really affordable. I just get these from
Trader Joe’s, not sponsored. But, if you wanted to
save the extra dollar. I mean, they’re really affordable, but if you wanted to save the extra dollar you could just boil them
yourself on prep day. So the last bit of cutting I have to do is chopping up my chicken
breast for my pot roast. Now you guys haven’t seen this recipe yet. It’s coming up alter this month, but when you do see it you’re gonna notice that I use chicken thighs in that recipe. Well, today I had chicken breast that I had already frozen when it
went on sale a few weeks ago, so I’m just gonna use that. And remember, in almost
all of these recipes, especially slow cooker meals, you can use any protein that you prefer. So don’t worry if you don’t
have the exact ingredient. On to my chimichurri sauce, which is going to go into my egg salad. Now, you saw me put the shallots
into the food processor. I am going to simply
add a garlic clove now and just pulse that to chop up the shallot since I didn’t chop it up
myself because I was too lazy. Whoa! That is a strong shallot. (upbeat music) This chimichurri sauce is so good. So what I’m gonna do is mix
some of the chimichurri sauce with yogurt and then I’m gonna toss my chopped boiled eggs in that
for a chimichurri-flavored creamy egg salad. As I’m mixing I realized I totally forgot to veggie pack this egg salad. I am just throwing in
some raw cauliflower rice because it’s gonna add some, I cut it upside down, it’s gonna add some crunch
and texture and vegetables, but you’re not even
gonna taste the flavor. My egg salad is made and
ready to be distributed into my jars or whatever
storage containers you prefer. I have the rest of my chimichurri sauce in a little jar here, so I can use that later
in the week if I want. For instance, my sheet
pan dinner right now is barbecue flavored, but I
can always add chimichurri one of the nights if I wanted, why not? (upbeat music) So I’m about an hour into my prep, and I’m probably a little
more than halfway done. But, on my prep day game
plan I had anticipated packaging up my side
salad and salad dressing before I took a cleaning break. Now if you are in my
Meal Prep Ignite course, you know that I recommend cleaning breaks as you go through your meal prep session to make everything a little
more efficient and effective. But I’m gonna do my cleaning break now because my sink is about full, and then I can come back and finish up. (upbeat music) That cleaning literally took
me less than five minutes, but now I have a clean sink and kitchen, and I’m ready to get back to it. So I’m going to assemble
my salads and my dressing. Now for my salad, you saw me
chop the cucumbers and tomatoes and put them in the food saver. I’m also going to portion out my greens, and I’m gonna use arugula this week into my salad containers, just so they’re ready to go. What I do is the morning
of or the night before I will transfer some of those
cucumber and tomatoes on top as well as some avocado if desired, I wouldn’t recommend adding
that until the day of, but this cuts down on the
amount of work that I have to do in the morning or the night before. I’m also making a lemon
dijon salad dressing. I did add a quarter of a
lemon wedge to each salad just for some extra fresh
flavor on the day of. But I love to make a homemade dressing. You could, of course, use any
salad dressing you prefer. So I’m gonna combine some avocado oil, you could also use light olive oil, some freshly squeezed lemon juice, some dijon mustard, and a
pinch of salt and pepper. And then I’m gonna take
advantage of my mason jar, put that lid on, and
just shake to mix it up. And then I have my dressing for the week, but I can transfer it
to a smaller container for when I actually take
my lunch with me to go. (relaxing music) So now it’s just really
a matter of assembly. I’m gonna finish first
with my slow cooker meal. So I’ve got what we started earlier with the produce and the chicken, and now I can add in the
remaining ingredients, which does include a little
bit of produce, baby carrots. So I love a pot roast with carrots, but why go through the trouble
of cutting the big carrots when I can just use these babies? (upbeat music) So for my sheet pan dinners, I’m doing barbecue chicken
drumsticks with sweet potatoes and green beans. So there’s a little bit of a theme there. We already packaged up the green beans, so now I’m just gonna transfer
some cut sweet potato cubes into a portioned jar. To save time on meal prep I don’t like to cut
squash and sweet potatoes, so I bought the precut kind, but you can do what works for you. For my drumsticks on my sheet pan dinner, I am not going to season them now. I’m just going to portion them out so I have them easily accessible
for my weeknight meal. I’m gonna add the barbecue
sauce the day that I cook it. For snacks, sometimes I
like to portion things out like olives or nuts, one so that I have a little
bit of portion control down, but two, if I have the
healthy food accessible, then I will eat it, but
if it’s not accessible, if this is like sitting in the fridge and it’s more of a pain
for me to portion them out at the time I want to eat them I probably won’t eat them. For my breakfast parfaits
I’m doing fruit and yogurt. Now I have a whole episode on crazy flavored yogurts
that you could check out with a cool hack on how
to store your toppings separate from your yogurt. But with fruit and yogurt, you can actually store it together, and the fruit juices sort
of soak into the yogurt and actually becomes really delicious. Now it usually lasts three to four days. It doesn’t always make
it to the fifth day. So you may want to store
your fruit separately. I’m actually using frozen fruit because it’s gonna thaw out in the fridge, it’s cheaper, and it’s just as nutritious. So I simply add my Greek yogurt, you could use any yogurt that you prefer, it could be soy or coconut,
to about half of the jar. And then I’m gonna put on a little bit of honey and cinnamon, and I don’t even need
to really mix it in now because I’m gonna stir this
whole thing together later with my fruit on top. Then I can add the lids and
store the jars in the fridge, and over time, like I said,
those fruit juices soak up into that yogurt and it
becomes really tasty. To go with my vegetable snack packs I’m also going to pack a little
jar of salsa for dipping. So, for my breakfasts
for the week on my menu, I have fruit and yogurt parfaits and my apple cinnamon oat muffins. I know that my fruit and yogurt parfaits needed to serve six, and my muffins needed to serve four with the additional serving as snacks. For lunch for the week I know
from my weekly meal calendar that I only needed four lunches, and I decided to just make
one because I’m pretty fine with having the same lunch every day if I have some variety in my other meals. For lunch, on my menu, I have
a chimichurri egg salad pita with a lemon garlic and dijon side salad. So when we made the egg salad
you didn’t see the pita, but I’m keeping the pita on the side so I can pack my lunch with a pita, a serving of egg salad, and a side salad, and then I can assemble
it at the time of eating. Now I developed this egg salad recipe using my mix and match method, which I share in my
Meal Prep Ignite course. It’s one of the systems that I provide to help people who want
more sustainable meal prep and don’t wanna have to
depend on specific recipes. So what it pretty much is
is you’re mixing a protein, a vegetable, a carb, and a flavor. So I used eggs as my protein
and chimichurri as my flavor and came up with that
chimichurri egg salad. I have two dinners on my menu this week, my chicken pot roast and
my barbecue drumsticks. Now, the chicken pot
roast you are gonna see later in this series. I know you didn’t get
to see it made today, but you know how it goes. It all gets dumped into the slow cooker on the day that I want to cook it. So tomorrow, Monday,
before I leave for the day, I’m gonna throw that in the slow cooker, let it cook low and slow all day long, and I’ll come back to a fresh cooked meal. Then I can use the leftovers
the rest of the week, not only does this make my
meal prep day, today, shorter, I mean I spent less than
two hours doing all of this, but it also means I get an extra
fresh meal during the week. Same goes for my sheet pan dinner. So this sheet pan dinner is
not being shown this month. I just threw this idea together. So the beauty of the sheet pan meals is when I’m ready to cook, which will be Tuesday and Thursday night on my menu this week, I can add everything to the pan. The green beans are gonna take less time, so I’m starting with my drumsticks, which I can coat with a
low-sugar barbecue sauce, as well as my sweet potato
that I’m gonna toss with oil and whatever seasonings. Sometimes I just like to keep it simple with salt, pepper,
garlic powder, whatever. That goes into the oven, and then halfway through I can
add my seasoned green beans as well to the oven, and then my entire meal is
ready to go at the same time. I get two more fresh-cooked
meals this week. And for snacks this week, I have those leftover
apple cinnamon oat muffins as well as some veggie jars
with snap peas and radishes and salsa for dipping, some portioned out Kalamata olives, as well as some mandarines. And that is my super easy
meal prep for the week, customized to my needs and my lifestyle. So in under two hours I
have all of this food ready. I have breakfasts and
dinners for two people and all of my lunches. All I really have to do is
a few dishes in the sink, organize this in my
fridge, and I’m good to go. You can learn this easy
system with all of these tools in my Meal Prep Ignite course. I walk you through how
to use every single tool, so by the end of it you can actually plan your very own meal prep session. And the beauty is, you can
continue to use the tools over and over and over
again every single week to keep it easy, sustainable,
efficient, and effective. And that is it for today. I will see you back here
tomorrow with another recipe from my brand new sheet pan and slow cooker meal prep recipes e-book. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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