Mazzer Mini Doser Espresso Coffee Grinders

Hi there I’m JavaJim with 1st-line Equipment and today in front of us we have a Mazzer Mini Espresso Coffee Grinder. Mazzer is located right outside of Venice. I visited the factory there. It’s one place that you are not allowed to take pictures in their production facility. They do have a large facility. You can see them making a lot of components for their own grinders. This is different than other manufacturers. They have very precise controls over the
manufacturing process. Actually every grinder at Mazzer that leaves their facility is actually tested with coffee. So you may find some grinds in the grinder when you first receive it. They do try cleaning the grinders the best they can but sometimes you will find a little leftover coffee grinds. One thing we like about this grinder which we’ve carried for over 10 – 15 years is that it’s well constructed. Very rare that they break down and actually every 1000 Mazzer Mini’s that we sell we get probably 1 or 2 DOA’s. Very, very low percentage. We can’t even remember the last time we had a DOA on the grinder. This is an industrial grade grinder. It is really for commercial use. Although many people put in in their homes. So when you do get the grinder you will actually get a little slip here saying it’s not for household use, but many people do. We’re not sure why they put this in. They really don’t want people to use in their household. And one of the reasons that the grinder now has a timer on the side when you turn it on is for safety reasons in someone’s home. When they had the on/off switch for the grinder they were afraid that people would leave the grinder running cause it was so quiet. And actually if you turn it on right now. That’s the sound of the grinder without beans in it. So with the switch on the side, in case someone turns the grinder on, it’s gonna shut off. And we can actually turn it off as well. The other thing in the box when you receive the grinder will be the instruction manual.

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