Mango Kalakand Recipe – Aam ka Kalakand – Mango Barfi Recipe

Namaskar, Welcome to Plenty of ripe mangoes are available in market these days. Many things can be prepared by the ripe mangoes. Today, we will prepare Kalakand of mango. The Kalakand of mango is very delicious and you will love it. Let us see what all do we require to prepare Kalakand of mango. Pulp of mango – 1/2 cup. This pulp is obtained by peeling the mango, taking pulp out of it and by making the paste of the pulp. We have used the mangoes without fibres for this. The mango without fibres available here is Safeda which is very delicious in taste. Sugar – 1/2 cup. Lemon juice – 2 to 3 tbsp. Pistachio nuts – 8 to 10. Almonds – 5 to 6. Cardamom – 4. Milk – 1 liter. We will make cheese from milk and then we will prepare Kalakand. Turn on the gas. Cover the milk with the lid to boil it at a faster rate. We will cut the almonds and Pista till the time the milk boils. Make thin pieces of almonds and Pista and cut them lengthwise. The milk is boiled now. Let it cool down and we will ferment it after that to prepare Paneer. In the meantime, we will cook the mango pulp and sugar in the pan. Turn on the gas. Keep stirring it in between. Mix lemon juice gradually in small quantity in the milk. Keep stirring the mixture of mango and sugar in between. The milk has curdled and we will filter it now. Take a sieve over a container and spread muslin cloth over it. Pour the curdled milk over it. Also pour plain water over it so that the sour flavour of Paneer is removed. Take all the ends of a cloth, tie it up and squeeze all the water out of it. Paneer is now ready and the mixture is also prepared. Add Paneer in the mixture and stir it constantly. The mixture has now turned thick but we will have to cook it more. Add half of the almonds and Pista in it. We will cook it more so that it freezes easily. Turn off the gas. Add powder of cardamom seeds in it. Nice aroma is coming out of it. Take a plate to freeze the Kalakand and apply ghee on it. Spread it uniformly on the plate in a uniform thickness. Garnish it with remaining almonds and Pista. Press it with a spoon. The Kalakand of mango is ready. As soon as it freezes, we will cut pieces from it. The mixture has coagulated and we will cut it into pieces now. The Kalakand of Mango is now ready. Prepare and enjoy Kalakand of mango and share your experiences with us. Let us meet again at

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