Mango & Coconut Smoothie Recipe

Hello everyone, I’m YourProduceGuy. Today we’re going to make a delicious mango & coconut smoothie. Now, i’ve just finished cutting up these
fresh mangos. If you would like to know the best techniques for cutting up mangos then just click
right up here in the corner and it will take you to my “how to cut a mango” video. The ingredients for this smoothie are going to be two cups of fresh mangos. A half a cup of thick coconut milk. Ohh, delicious right there. Now, that’s not fresh,
that came out of a can just so you know. You get that on the asian foods aisle in your grocery store. I’ve got some ice cubes right here to go in and i’ve got some honey that was given to me
by my neighbor and friend who takes care of bees and made this honey himself, other than the bees made it, he helped them. So, lets get to work and put this mango smoothie together. first we’ll dump in our two cups of mangos. Get those in there. Next is our half cup of coconut milk. Oohh, look how thick and nice that is, that’s going to be great. Alright, then we’ve got a… little bit of ice,
I’ve got just a few cubes here that we’ll toss in there, all to get cracked up and then I’m going to add about a tablespoon of the honey and I’m just going to eye ball that. I’m not going to measure that out, but just estimate there, about a tablespoon of that. That
coconut milk is unsweetened so, you’ve only got
the sweetness of the mango to help that and there we go. Alright, let’s blend this up. I love smoothies. They are quick, easy, delicious, this one in fact has no dairy in it. It’s all fruit. Well… coconut, I think that’s a fruit. Anyways, that is thick and delicious. Let me have a try. Mmm, oh boy. That’s really really good.. Mmm Oh so sweet. You can taste that honey in there, that mango, oh the coconut makes that so thick, wonderful. Thanks so much for watching. It’s good to be with you. We will look forward to seeing you next time here on YourProduceGuy.
Remember fresh is best! You just want to line your cutter up
with the seed in there and this is so slick just like that look at that two halves of mango

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