Makita Grinder 9564 Carbon Brush Replacement

Hi guys it is Mal again from M&M Tools and Machinery or and today I’m going to show you guys how to
replace the brushes on a Makita 9564 or a 9565
Grinder. They do take the same brushes so repairing the brushes is a really easy
process for the most part. For, usually these each of the tools that you’re
gonna have to replace your brushes in have them in a very accessible place. So
the first thing that we need to do is just remove this back housing cover on
this specific grinder and on the 9565 it does only have one
screw in the back that’s holding that in. But essentially we just need to release
this screw and pull off the housing cover. So that’s just gonna slide right
off, slide right down, and as you can see on this tool I have a brush here and
another brush here so rather than being side by side on these grinders they’re
on opposite ends of the tool so just like without the brush replacements I’m
going to need to release this spring, that spring that’s pushing the carbon
block towards the motor. And I’m going to need to release this clip usually you
guys will be able to get this with your fingernail but if you do have a small
tool like this one or a small flat-head screwdriver those also make the job a
little simpler. So I’m just going to slide that spring up and out of the
way and then I’m going to release this clip here. In this case you do need a set
of pliers because this one is on there pretty tightly. So you’re just gonna pull
that clip up and out of the way and that should just slide the brushes right
out. On this set of brushes, the brushes that
these tools take, they have a sort of spring-loaded mechanism that you can see
here. So essentially when the brush wears down to the point where it’s no longer
usable the spring will eject out of the brush. You can see that circular copper
colored circle right there is where the the spring is loaded, so when you’ve worn
these brushes down to the point of no return that will literally eject a
spring out and force the brush away from the motor which will shut the tool off.
So when your tool shuts off you automatically know, like, this is when I
need to replace my brushes. It’s a really handy feature; it’s a safety mechanism
that just helps you know exactly when you need to replace them. So once we pull
that out we just need to replace the brush with our new one that slides
in carbon block first. Slide that in, replace the clip, that simply spins around
and you can see here there is this post right here that the clip is going to
just slide right back on. So if you do have a tool here with you you’re gonna
want to just make sure that you force that down tightly and it’ll kind of click
itself into place there. So as you can see that’s set up properly then we just
need to put your spring back in place. Again that’s just going to slide right
into position and push your brush down there. Then we’ll just rotate that over
to the other side; the process is exactly the same. Just going to move this spring
up and out of the way, slide it over so it rests, grab my pliers to remove this
clip. Brush is gonna pop right out. New brush goes in carbon block facing
down. Wrap that wire lead around get that clip stuck on there tightly, slide that
into place. I’ll just make sure I’ve done a real good job there. And then just put
your spring, there we go, put your spring back into position and that takes care
of that. So then you simply need to replace the housing cover. That’s just
gonna slide back up and into position. Replace that screw. And again, I’m going to grab my drill for
simplicity’s sake here. Put that right, so it’s going in the
right direction. Lock that up tight and you’re good to go! Okay guys that concludes our brush
replacement for this Makita grinder. Keep watching, let us know if you have
any other questions or if you have a repair that you’d like us to show you
how to complete. And in the meantime get all of your parts and all of your
schematics over at our website at

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