making Skyboxes cubemaps with Blender revised

Hi people! Now we goes to one more Godot tutorial For this time I remake another tutorial about skyboxes. Because ones noticied me about some Blender features
that I not know when made the first tutorial. Because I focused in game development I miss the modeling tool itself. But Blender have some features very useful to make skyboxes. We use it now, and I think it makes your skybox production more acurate. The most important in this skybox file is add a empty in the scene. Preferably select someone here I can named it Then you can add any other ellement that you see fit Goes to setup own Sun to make it more likely, more realistic. Enable Sky option Well, se it rendered from camera. Nice Now, we go to the World tab Enable some setthings Zenith colour Horizon colour Ambient colour [optional] I activate ambient occlusion too Then when you click on the World tab, you click on the texture tab. You work on textures to apply to these world. Here I select EnvironmentMap In Viewport Object you select these Empty They is the base of render of this world The resoluction… skyboxes in general uses 256, 512 and in maximun 1024 Because we use a texture to a tileset you does to duplicate this resolution In this case, I want a texture of 256×256, then I put 512 here! You’ll see why in a moment of it You note in this menu (these arrow) all is disabled I rendered the scene, reinforcing: the camera don’t is important. Important is the empty and his position. You see the options is enabled, we save it … first I save own file, yet after I save the environment map
(no risk to miss job ๐Ÿ˜› ) I always save on a subfol der (sky) inside project To I take more control of the millions of little images. It generates a lot of work files. It’s rendered here, yet For this reason I talk to you duplicate the resolution of you skybox Blender create a tileset of 3 images for 2 images To you to use in a cube If you take it and use a image edition software
You have in sequence the images: left, front, right, bottom, top and back of you cube, you skybox You cut these images in this format, to use it inside Godot Because I a laziness programmer, I made a little script that made it for me ๐Ÿ˜› I leave the link to script here over the Creative Commons on GitHub And to use it, goes to the folder that you saved skybox tileset, past script here call it with image name Done, its generate sliced images here Save it on your project folder goes to Godot make this folder Always a Spatial Save the scene Inside it I too make a sky folder put images here Now, we make own environment [begins a transit of cars in street ๐Ÿ™ ] Take here, “env” WorldEnvironment Go to environment option, edit and save it on this folder Here goes to option cubemap, I make new cubemap edit, save it too I save it on sky folder, that is where is located the images From here is very simple, yet
Goes to Side, load, goes to folder… left to left right to right… Then regress to environment resource Select the mode… instead “default color” we use “cubemap” And here own Cubemap actavetd ๐Ÿ˜› That’s All Folks!

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