Making a Christmas Duck Recipe : Juicing Lemon for a Christmas Duck Recipe

My name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert
Village. Today, I’m going to show you how to roast a traditional Christmas duck with
red currant jelly sauce. All right. So it’s lemon juicing time. So what we’re going to
do is we’re going to take our lemon, and if you’re going to cut this, make sure you always
peel these off. I hate going to a restaurant or somewhere and seeing this stupid sticker
stuck on my lemon and getting it in my iced tea or whatever. And wouldn’t you hate to
be the person whose job it is to put that sticker on every single lemon out there. Anyway,
we’re just going to take our lemon. We’re going to lay it on the cutting board. We’re
going to take our hand like this, and we’re just going to roll it across the lemon to
soften up the insides. What this does is it makes it easier to get the juice out of it
when we squeeze it in a second. You’ve just got to do this. Apply a fair amount of pressure.
You have to apply quite a bit of pressure to actually rupture the lemon. So chances
are, you won’t hurt it. Do this for about twenty seconds or so. All right. That should
be plenty of time. Now, I’m just going to cut off one end. I never cut off this end.
I always cut off this end, because the way lemons grow, they grow like this. So, in theory,
technically speaking, more of the juice should be on this end because they hang from this
end of the stem. So I cut this end off, and more of the juice should be located on this
end of the lemon. So we’re just going to cut like this. We’re just going to take our knife.
Just to facilitate things, put a little “X” in there. You can see its already leaking
juice out. Take our cup here, hold it low inside the cup so it doesn’t spray all over
the place if you can help it, and just give it a squeeze. I need a tablespoon. So that’s
pretty much it right there. Watch out for seeds. If you get seeds in there, fish them
out with something like a spoon or something. I can’t use a knife to get them. I don’t know
what I’m thinking. So that’s how you squeeze a lemon, or juice a lemon, rather.

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