Make Wack 3D models using Blender & Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

Hey guys today I want to show you how to
mess around with the 3d models of the rival rebels weapons. you won’t need any
modding experience. I will guide you step by step and show you how to do it.
the only software you’ll need is blender, a completely free and awesome 3d modeler
that works in all systems. follow these steps if you want to learn how to do it.
I hope you try it out it’s a lot of fun. in the next vid I’ll show you some more
tricks and talk about a contest I have in mind. happy blending guys. ok so let’s
download blender, I already have it installed but I’ll just download it
again to show you how. you go to, go download and download the version
that you need for your operating system I’m on Mac so I’ll just download this
one over here. you want to hit save file and it’s going to take a bit ok it’s
done downloading expand extract the zip ok once you’ve extracted it you can open
up blender just to make sure it works. and here it is it’s working fine I’m
going to leave this open in the background so now I’m going to go to my
mods folder so if you don’t know where your mods folder is you can just open up
minecraft, and go options resource packs open
resource pack folder and that’s going to open up your resource packs folder and
from there you can go to mods and find rival rebels jar now drag that to the
desktop and extract it. okay now it’s extracted it’s right over here
I’m going to open it up, then go assets rival rebels models and these are the all the
objects that you can edit, so Mac has a very nice preview over here, this is the
plasma cannon, this is the battery, and yeah you can just look through them, I’m
going to leave this open and go to blender. press ‘A’ to select everything
press ‘X’ to delete, now you’re going to go file import obj desktop rival rebels
assets rival rebels models and open up any of them I’m going to open up n
that’s the flamethrower so here it is you can pan while by holding shift and
using your middle click, and middle click orbits. tab in. okay so I’m going to
select some points using B, you press B and you just drag around the points. and
you want to get all the points, press B again there you go and these
ones too and these ones over here, okay now that I
have my selection I’m going to grab the green arrow and pull it, make it very
long and I’m going to do the same thing over here, there we go, and now I’m going
to pull it, and that’s my modified flamethrower.
so now let’s export it, I’m going to go file export obj, you want to uncheck over
here right materials you don’t want that and you also want to check triangulate
faces over here. so now I’m going to go desktop rival rebels assets rival rebels
models and I’m going to save it over n.obj because that’s the one that I
opened up that’s the flamethrower, so export and now it’s saved over. I’m going
to minimize blender now, and now open up rival rebels and you want to select the
contents, not the folder, the contents of the folder, and you want to compress
those so I’m going to press compress it makes you don’t need to
rename it or anything, bring up your mods folder that you still have open and drag
in so now it’s in there inside the mods folder, you don’t need to
rename it, and now we can start up minecraft. I’m going to maximize it, okay
and here we are let’s see if our flamethrower changes are in. here’s the
flamethrower and there we go, the horribly distorted atrocious abomination
of the flamethrower, now that’s a heavy weapon. you can make any change to nearly
any weapon, there’s only a few weapons that are not imported as object files
because I modeled those by hand, but like most of them should be in there like the
Tesla’s in there the flamethrowers in there and the plasma cannons also in
there. thank you for subscribing to this channel and thanks for all the support
in the comments. goodbye guys rodol out

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