Make Ahead and Freeze Oatmeal Cups

58 thoughts on “Make Ahead and Freeze Oatmeal Cups

  • Love this Beth. I do make ahead breakfasts for my husband and I. This will definitely be added to my list. Thanks so much.

  • Hi, Beth. Your oatmeal cups look so cute and adorable, just like you. What's your favorite thing about the freezer? Have a good day, Beth. <3

  • Love these Beth! I prefer to make my oatmeal with Almond milk instead of water! Would this process still work?

  • I stayed up really late last night bingeing on your older videos. I miss you lol.. Thanks Beth! Looking forward to my July box! 😆💕
    What a great make ahead oats recipe. 😋

  • Hi Beth, thanks so much for this idea! I watched the beginning, then passed it along to my 3 school going children. They LOVE it! Already planning their toppings, so I guess it will be a group effort! 🙂
    Your videos are always sweet, easy and comforting! 😘
    Thank you from a chilly Cape Town, South Africa. 🌧

  • That is awesome idea! I wish I had a microwave though 😛 But I can at least steal some new oatmeal flavour ideas, right? 🙂

  • Hi beth great idea for the oatmeal cups..i was curious do you also have a keurig coffee machine..or do you prefer the old school fresh drip coffee pots..I'm asking because i have a keurig for a long time now and I'm not crazy about it..I'm thinking of going back to the fresh drip coffee..just wondering which one you prefer..thank you.

  • Hi Beth. Your coffee cup is beautiful. Would you mind telling me the name of the pattern or where you purchased it?

  • I don't have any children yet, but when I hear back to school, it still makes me a little sad knowing that summer is almost over lol. Still love this idea for easier breakfasts for work mornings. Would anything change much if I used quick oats? I assume I would just use the concept just with different cooking times.

  • That is an awesome idea makes getting the children out to the bus stop on time alot easier… Well done Beth 😀

  • I really like this idea! When I go to school I usually don’t eat any breakfast since I usually don’t hav estime and neither does my mom so I’m gonna try to convince my mom to doing this!! ❤️❤️

  • Beth you are such an inspiration ! I'm always waiting for the new videos to come out 🙂 I will for sure test this Oatmeal cups .. And i can tell you that i'm dying to see what comes in my july boxe ! Have a wonderful summer and thank you for everything ! XOXO from paris

  • For a naughtier breakfast I would put some dark chocolate pieces or toffee bits on top of these!
    I wonder if you could also just put a dollop of peanut or almond butter on these instead? Would they still freeze well?

  • tiny portions… no wonder I'm fat and you're not…
    also… your idea of an "easy breakfast" is quite different from mine…
    still – lovely to watch this idealistic version of what life could be like

  • Hi Beth, could this recipe work with whole oats instead? Also how long could these be in the freezer for?

  • Hi Beth what a fabulous idea to make prep ahead oatmeal, this would be so handy for me especially as I eat my oatmeal every morning. I love this thank you very much and I hope you are well. ❤️

  • Hi Beth, can’t wait to get my July box. I loved these make ahead breakfasts. Great video! I have some questions. First I was wondering if any new videos are coming to the gardening channel soon. Also, this is more of a suggestion, I really hope you make a cookbook because I would love a place to find all of your wonderful recipes other than your channel. Have great weekend.

  • Hi Beth, can you soak the oatmeal over night and than cook them in the morning for 5 minutes? Great idea

  • can you please do an italian ravioli recipe? im italian so im embarrassed to ask that cause i should know. lol

  • I love this idea!!! I can't wait to try because the only reason we don't eat more steel cut oats during the week is that our steel cut oats should be cooked on the stove for best results. This is genius. Thank you, Beth! I love your videos. God bless 😊

  • Beth, you´re just such a gem… all of your videos always make me feel so cozy and at peace/at home… you just have such a positive attitude and your warmth really comes across in all the content you make 🙂 Thank you for that! 🙂

  • There’s our little hedgehog friend! I love the September subscription box. I enjoyed the coffee this morning and it was such a delight with my Biscoff. I’m off to get jumbo muffin tins tomorrow, but I couldn’t hold off on making some oatmeal for myself. Although, since it was dinner, I went savory with with oatmeal; extra-virgin olive oil, fresh thyme, fresh cracked pepper and Maldon sea salt flakes. It’s basically a creamy, healthy risotto-like oatmeal that wonderful topped with a fried egg or orange segments. Thanks Beth!

  • Beth, I made them and I love it! For busy mornings it’s amazingly convenient ! My entire family loves your recipes! Thank you again !

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