Magma Vs Liquid Nitrogen!

he’s summoning hey hey look it’s Ethan
I’m Ethan nettle that’s either attack sledgehammer vs. watermelon yeah you
know it’s watermelon time boom I mean like you say versus like it was gonna be
like it’s a challenge yeah versus is when two people are fighting yeah baby
versus Muhammad Ali oh I’d love to see that life hacks
oh he’s had seeds in it that was his first mistake get a seedless watermelon
what’s 2019 idiot and he left a toothpick in there he’s trying to hurt
somebody very badly that’s unacceptable I’m sure they’ll take this out right no
I always say that and then they put it in anyway and I go oh prove me wrong
make me look like oh this is going in yes it is Jake are they just making
really small like q-tips so this hack is already half way over
and I haven’t seen one potato and I’m a little upset about yeah oh it’s little
bits of potato too little tater time I’ve never been more disappointed you
thought it was gonna fire potato you know my dad said son you’re doing
nothing with your life I’m disappointed in you and even then he was less
disappointed than I am right now with that video just some party where you’re
in for a scare like that it looks like it should be playing music – like it’s
one of those like music boxes like creepy music yeah is what you see at
night in the distance in the field you know oh my god yeah there’s like this
woodworker that works on a farm right and he made this thing and he’s no I
gotta destroy these he destroys it but then it’s still in his farm the next day
just looking at him but the creepy music slime creepy that was not very hidden
like that that was not wholesome go home now Oh gonna dream about that
tonight yeah you know when you want to give somebody a gift but you don’t want
to buy anything so you just polish a ball of aluminum foil and tell them it’s
a fossil or a a rock or something it’s already pretty shiny why do you gotta
polish it oh wow oh it’s gonna be like a cannonbolt we’re gonna make him wait
he’s gonna sand it I don’t folks hold on whoa but wait
there’s whoa wait so he’s saying it what happens when you sand it is it just I
think it gets more like refined so it’s like more smooth is this how they make
kinda like baby powder that is nothing yeah what about baby powder it’s baby
powder you know it makes you soft oh is that your secret let your morning
routine you’re just a baby powder you know I sit in the car I get here and
then it’s on much he could that’s perfectly what they did in the
Civil War it’s a trailer for a film I hope ah Luke can we say no a glue
blaster oh we can’t cursed aah honk bill ah gee whiz oh oh trailer like a like
the back of it I thought it was gonna be a preview for a film
it worth where we’ve got a blast hot glue cardboard featuring stitch one man
two wheels and RC car people have to bring together oh oh it’s a Chandler ham
janitor we don’t want you here too long you all know me look there’s a guy and
as you can see there’s a box of it’s a little uh nostrils and then sometimes
you got the glue stick with the tires and they don’t work visionary oh that’s so cool it’s like
the video we did that one time that is like the name Oh how would you like your
eggs hard as a rock you know I never look at eggs the same way when I realize
they’re chicken embryos we don’t have to do this mm-hmm we don’t have to do this
to talk about blue adds like weather no we really don’t have to talk about that
that’s like an egg is like it like it like a person’s egg like the womb mm do
we need to have a top after this you think oh look at that look – oh wait
nothing really happened no way good some of it I did you can make breakfast for
one person that like these eggs are too hot I got a blow on it they then night
would you like toast sugar is that ham I’m how ham and roast so that’s the
lifehack turn eggs into ham green eggs and ham I could not would not with some
lava secret money storage is the title of this one
it’s a zipper that’s all it I say it’s a backpack with a pocket in the front okay
that’s not secret what’s so secret about that oh you take your bar huh oh this is
when you like give your friend barri so for Christmas and you goes a little
Boris Roquefort and there’s monopoly money in it okay I guess huh there was
more of a gift come with the receipt by chance because this sucks
Oh is beeping why would you know that’s for me to get cat food gotta guess your
weight notice like your cat just died have you ever heard of this new
invention called a blender it’s much more efficient I want to bring that to a
barbecue and we are everybody line up your plates it’s like one of those
play-doh things they use the play-doh is this squirts out amazing Wow
this is like if ketchup was in a band and they had to come out and this is
what was on stage I like my ketchup poopy cool pancake art oh I’ve seen
these these are all over the Internet but the old sonic not that new sonic for
some reason this reminds me of The Incredibles oh yeah it’s got the the
colors sure yeah the colors oh this is actually how they made the live-action
on Lion King movie they made all the animation that whole movie are you
kidding me I’d love to watch it just tell your animated pancake movie it’s
wasted a bunch of food longest video ever it took 60 years to make and by the
end of it to pay at the pancakes are not last
moldy moldy gross pancakes at that boys pizza comes with what are these things
this is how they make pizza when they’re like oh my god can you please not make
his pancakes one time and like he knew buhdeuce like he said hates or
something and he’s like yeah making a pizza with the school for this out of
Pancakes okay so he’s just he’s just taping toys
to firecrackers this is what Sid did in the first Toy Story movie and it made
him the villain of the film the toy rockets gonna turn around and be like so
plain now everybody’s gonna think that he’s crazy because it’s – let’s talk to
him can we show that blur the whole screen right now where my face – I was
part of it where everything everything so we’re on
the magma train the magma train but it’s outside of the ground so now it’s lava
it was magma when it was underground but now it’s lava is yes science everything
liquid Knight Rider whoa he’s he’s summoning
he is this is how they brought Voldemort back
to life sure it’s just me I make that noise and I saddle to the bathroom and
brush my teeth I go they made a dragon glass you don’t get to the nether what’s
the word minecraft obsidian obsidian yeah that’s awesome oh whoa whoa what is
that does the light stay there what why is
the light staying there yeah the 3d printer of neon signs it’s a
3d printer of light well that just looks like a projection
that’s not said there shall be light it was a 3d printer thingy I’m very
religious when it comes to 3d printers what is your religion
3d printing hmm ink is this crazy stuff is this just ink ink that’s what it
looks like when I accidentally wash my pen in the wash I ruin all my pants
oh and black have you come to mix they both look like blue I think they’re both
blue is it it ended him I don’t know what I’m doing here but that’s what you
feel in your heart when you look at this I’m an ink bender you see that’s what
writers have to call themselves the writers for avatar the last airbender
really what are you I’m an ink pen back when they had their quill and ink I
think think what are you ink bender that was it that was crazy stuff compilation
Wow so crazy alright this is when you get
lost at school at night you could get locked in and you’re like oh I have
nothing but a battery in school supplies I do have the janitor’s closet open
usually don’t mind me a sleep here in the janitor’s closet with my mop this is
where I belong who’s my wife her name’s mom two pencils red yellow oh that’s
that the back end of it oh they’re double ended okay dark small hands yeah
alright got the Darth Maul pencils I know we made it disagreed on the newest
Star Wars film but solo was good right did you like solo everyone boycotted it
because they hated last Jedi but you know what solo was really good and I
didn’t think it was gonna be good and it was if it’s good that must mean it’s bad we disagreed on the last but I still
want to talk to you about that this is serious oh yeah no we’re gonna let all
these life Paks we’re gonna say to the camera and not to each other no
communication between the two of us because we’re disagreeing on the rise of
skywalk all right Skywalker was great wasn’t it
viewers DIY magnetic screwdriver what what kind of magnet is that that you can
just box cut it that’s not a are there such thing is
like rubber magnet was that an Oreo get out of here
what do or you so wait we’re not going to explain out we just cut through that
magnet so quickly and easily it looks like rubber to me it does look
like rubber also I’m very confused what is a contraption you’re making what
is what has happened is the heck is life I think he’s about to like start up a
gigantic generator of some sort we’re not up Terry hey can you start my iPod
yeah no problem one second you got the iPod repairman on the way yeah I got
that joke from 2012 boy watch out number iPods remember those ancient artifacts
everyone at home is like Oh iPods of the future and then they’d stop making them
remember you’re after yeah oh oh oh I see what he did it’s that okay he
magnetized the drill bit joke’s on us he just got a magnetized drill or a
magnetized screwdriver and it’s been magnetized the whole time no this
doesn’t necessarily those are all unnecessary he was already magnetized
screwdriver DIY life hack you take your bottle of water you unscrew the cap yeah
sterilize it yeah of course you don’t want to give your bottle an
infection no no you want to scare away oh I see you I could okay you can just
poke it you don’t have to heat it up I don’t know what you poked it or heated
it up you crudely draw a circle are these people incapable of walking on the
sidewalk and finding literally 47 cents to go buy one of these things would
you’re looking there have you never been to the 40 cent store not there’s a store
like that no can i what what can i buy there is it just things that are worth
40 cents or just do it yourself life hacks that have already been pre made by
people huh welcome to the life right now boom mrs. bennet mad the whole
time and you didn’t even know what this whole show all to something million
subscribers we have they subscribe to an ad subscribe to that alright that ends
this video bye guys portable energy model needs one of those
odors called battery dial the touch yes he’s like why do that when you can watch
this and make one save your money what’s hurt oh sorry I had one of those
gas station biscuits just seems so like is that what you did this in public
the police would be called we’re making a device that goes boom boom boom boom
call it in is actually a name of volume what no way it charges that fast it was
already a 40% Android I wouldn’t understand you wouldn’t understand I
can’t say the other word Android friendship look look you can break the
law as long as you don’t get caught don’t quote me on that day and night
pendulum Oh light source where’s that light source comes from Lane sorcery
what why are you giving us this voodoo watch out oh the lights coming from wait
the other side I’m so confused it’s like the other half of the black
rectangle light this is way advanced for piano music you know this little
tick-tock yes as you play the piano the way too advanced for me what does this
look like it’s from Olga what’s that Kubrick movie 2001 Space Odyssey why
does that look like it’s from 2001 do you think I am 1963 yeah I know all
about that movie huh back in the day excuse me I have to go to an eyes wide
shut part if you’ll excuse me I don’t know what that is
Oh oh god don’t look at oh I will not do
that you’re gonna get a virus all right Ethan that was it was a fun
hat was don’t you have a good time that’s all the time I’ve got I gotta get
back to playing Animal Crossing new leaf on my Nintendo 3ds disappointed

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