Los Beneficios del Jugo y un Buen Extractor de Jugos

hello this is dr. Mercola and today we’re here with another Facebook question-and-answer session and our first question today is from Kay Hickman from Austin Texas in Austin is definitely one of my favorite towns along with Boulder and Portland Oregon and you know it’s just really full of a lot of people who are really interested in and passionate about taking good care of their health and her question today is I drink a full blender full of fruits and veggies every day and I use a Vitamix or and get all the fiber of what benefit would it be to me to juice instead of using all of the fruits and vegetables and also what juicer is the best without spending a couple thousand dollars well Kay that was excellent questions and it really allows me to expand on the importance of juicy and ice it’s a discipline that I do every day and why do I do it largely because it’s somewhat of a challenge for me and I would suspect for most people viewing this to get enough vegetables in their diet every day that really is the challenge and really vegetables are one of the key keys actually to making sure you’re beginning healthy for a number of reasons one is little with lots of good fiber it’s low in sugar it’s full of micronutrients that are powerful antioxidants and the preps of one of the most important ones it actually feeds the good bacteria in your gut and it helps suppress the growth of bad bacteria and yeast and anaerobes so one of the most important things you can do is making sure you get enough vegetables so most people don’t eat vegetables for breakfast and some have it for lunch and maybe maybe dinner so and they’re not eating enough I mean even the most conservative conventional nutritionist will recommend large numbers of servings of vegetables a day 5 or 6 and this is it most of us don’t get it so when you juice your you have the opportunity to incorporate much more vegetables and I myself get a couple pounds a day and I like to juice about a quart of vegetable juice every single day and that really helps me feel my supply so there’s several ways to do that as you mentioned in your question you can use a Vitamix err and I’ve had a Vitamix err for well over 20 years now so it’s definitely a useful kitchen appliance and a you know it can certainly perform a lot of good functions but one of the ones I do not recommend at 4:00 is juicing your vegetables for a number of reasons first one is that it spins it at a very high rate so that the heat will damage some of the micronutrients in there but more importantly it really combines all the fiber in there so it’s going to limit the amount of vegetables that you’ll be able to eat and one of the benefits of juicing is that when you separate the fiber from the juice you’re able to get the vast majority of the nutrition that’s embedded in the vegetables into your body because the fiber has some benefit I’ll mention what you can do with that in a moment but clearly the most significant benefit of vegetables are in the juice that you extract so when you prepare it juice and it really shouldn’t be called juice and a Vitamix or because it’s it’s a blend a blender it’s not a juicer at all and so you’re going to limit the amount of juice you’re going to be able to drink and it really doesn’t taste that good for the most part unless you throw in fruit and many people have imagined even yourself are doing that because otherwise vegetable pulp blended like that isn’t going to be very palatable and you clearly do not want to throw in jute or fruits when you when you juice so the one exception that would be the very low fructose fruits and the two that qualify for there are lemons and limes and I use one full lime in my vegetable juice every day and there’s virtually no fructose or about a gram or so so that’s fine it’s not an issue but really there are some benefits of fruit but for the most part 70 most the average typical amount of fructose that the average American is consuming is about 75 grams a day and we need somewhere between 15 and 25 to be the maximum limit so if you fall on that then you probably could have a little juice and you could could indulge yourself but if you’re regularly throwing apples or even carrots or some other fruits in there the exception may be some berries you’re you’re probably you’re more likely causing more harm than good so the last part of your question really is related to what type of juice that you juice or should you get and you DEP certainly there’s not many they cost a couple thousand dollars that would the only one I could think it would be the Norwalk juicer most of them are under a thousand but typically you’re going to want to spend more more than 100 anything less than hundred is not going to last you for a long time although you may want to to just try one but it might be better to buy really good one used on eBay or Craigslist then getting an inexpensive one so there’s basically two different types of juicers you can get a centrifugal juicer which supposedly well will one of the benefits is the juice is real quickly but it’s going to first of all make a lot of noise and it’s not going to give you a lot of juice it’s very difficult to clean up so we definitely not recommend a centripetal juicer I would get either a single or twin gear juicer which has a benefit of revolving the the it revolves very slow speed so it’s not going to create a lot of heat when you juice the vegetables and in addition additionally it’s relatively easy to keep up and it’s very quiet so you’re not going to you know wake up your whole house if you happen to be juicing in the morning so typically the range on these is probably high to hundreds to 500 dollars spending the quality in the brand we do sell on our site if you’re interested but there clearly are a number of other good ones so those are the approaches in my views on juicing that which if you’re not juicing already we strongly encourage you again it’s the key to getting lots of vegetables into your diet and vegetables are one of the crucial elements if you’re going to improve the gut floor and the gut floor is is really in my view one of the prime ways you maintain your optimal health so hopefully this information will help you and your family take better control of your health

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