Linear motor drive grinder “UPZ210LiII-2 DOUBLE EAGLE” – Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd.

This machine is UPZ210LiII, 2 spindle specifications. It is a machine called the popular name “double eagle”. The biggest characteristic is equipped with two whetstone axes. Whetstone in each for rough cuts, whetstone for finish I let you do a tilt and can get the prevention of interference. The Li means linear motor drive. Table right and left, whetstone axis two, anteroposterior movement. I make 4 axes linear motor drive in total. I explain a linear motor characteristic. It is speed being fast, good positioning precision. By this display, I grind a punch for dies. This machine automatically performs is for finish, grinding it. I automatically perform it in an index and am equipped with a CCD camera more. Automatic measurement is possible with the screen on the PC.

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