sorry but we can’t lower the brillo
hello howdy uh beautiful weather huh we’re having a kid in town bitch for the better part of
two days boy you can talk to the other side of the bridge we can help you there
okay the boy says thank you through this store remote I can use
these pills I got chills open up anyone need some pills do here
pills here there I can only use these oh yeah reloading these rooms weapons over here go upstairs stealing right Payson piece
of apple pie damn I miss burger Tech through this part reloading thanks winds go carrying something I’m reloading there we are all right you you birthday kid here cover me I’m gonna
patch myself up all right weapon thanks grabbing the
driver who bottling coming club here sorry telling all right baby the jukebox
works up the stairs
we have gone here vile incoming grabbing a job queue grabbing a bow jar and is this you they’re coming grabbin a shot coming aha sparrow take us out of the river here beauty here shoot weapons follow the walkway pretty elin
Connor me please how does be a so bright field name only in the south with this pass for
Museum five dollars well spent this is bullshit cool it mo christop wait here come on let’s get out of this sewer keep roving Oh you you let’s not mess this up by shooting each
other okay oh yeah watch out for a second have to heal
hold up gonna heal we didn’t even leave Ellis behind the back from the myth
y’all Hey what Thanks sounds good but I think we’re gonna stay on our own all
right understood y’all keep safe now take Navin fields no messing around let’s get these cans no say Abubakar o’clock aura killed it sounds like a freaking honor I got these pills help me shit come on come on come on Oh reloading relying I got this one watch out here grabbing a katana killing cover me I’m feeling right grabbing a shot no say a bukhara que locura so we’re about to see that Carla mommy
oh yeah what are you nervous about you had your chance you didn’t do shit now
you can watch Nick take care of business-related now you just need to
fill the generator and we can raise the bridge we can help cover you from up
here hey listen thanks for the help and when the bridge is down you’re more than
welcome to come with us I don’t think that would work hell we can even leave
Alice behind the big room for y’all hey what Thanks it sounds good but I think
we’re gonna stay on our home alright understood y’all keep safe now keep an eye out for the evac Center Spiner shit on me reloading thank you adrenaline shot here better I got I got this one hey Janice Oh reloading ammo here
adrenaline shot here it by Ellis you’re gonna make it to New
Orleans no you will know congratulations

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