Lazy Cooking│Vegan Oil Rice w/ Mushrooms & Veg Chicken (2 people)

Hello everyone 歡迎來到我在加拿大最喜歡逛的超市
Welcome to my favorite supermarket in Canada 大統華
T&T supermarket 它是加拿大最大的亞洲超市
It is the biggest Asian supermarket in Canada 這次,我打算做一款
This time, I am going to make a 台式素油飯
Taiwanese Vegan Oil Rice 在這個以肉食為主的亞洲超市裡
Could I find my ingredients 我可以找到適用的食材嗎?
in this meat-based Asian supermarket? 大統華甚至跟上了美國、加拿大的素食潮流
They even caught up with the vegan trend in the US and Canada 推出了素漢堡扒、素香腸和素雞柳
introducing vegan burgers, sausages and chicken nuggets 所以我這次特別選用了素雞柳來烹調
So this time I specially chose vegan chicken for the dish

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