Kometa Bio Teaser

In the ancient history of mankind Extracted teeth were included in the prosthetic denture When artificial teeth were produced The extracted teeth were discarded, thrown away, Dentin composition is very similar to bone graft In the era tissue engineering We found a way to transform the extracted teeth Into an autologous bacteria-free grafting particulate The kometa bio the smart dentin grinder is capable of separating specific size granules Leaving the dentin graft bacteria free
In less the 30 min and 4 easy steps the dentin granules
are ready for grafting this innovative procedure begins with
reducing carious feelings and debris from the extracted
tooth leaving only clean tooth dentin the next step is grinding the tooth with
a specially designed grinder into particulate dentin within seconds the tooth dentin is
reduced to granules are the specific size by allowing dent in particles below
1200 microns to fall into a drawer using a vibrating technique the grinder sorts the different sizes
leaving particulate denting in between 300 to 1200 microns this step is repeated until the root is
completely ground the result is the particulate dentin 2
to 3 times the volume of the original root then the dentin
particulate is treated by a chemical cleanser that dissolves all organic debris resulting in a bacteria free sterile
particulate graft the cleanser is then decanted and the graft is washed thoroughly with
sterile saline or PBS in the case that drying may be
required the container with the wet particulate
dentin is placed on the hot mini plate for several minutes being autologous the dentin graft is
highly predictable so the fate of extracting teeth has changed forever and become an autologous bone graft material

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