KitchenAid vs Thermador Refrigerators

What do you think of KitchenAid vs Thermador
refrigerators? If you want a side by side fridge, KitchenAid’s
two thousand dollar model came in second place. Why wasn’t it first place? Because a Samsung fridge was quieter and otherwise
performed just as well, and it was six hundred dollars cheaper. OK, that’s a good reason not to get the top
spot. How did Thermador refrigerators rate? It was not in the top seven or eight. I do not have to have a side by side fridge.
I’d be OK with a traditional freezer on top. Neither KitchenAid nor Thermador had a top
freezer model in the top ten. Then again, neither of them had one of the top models
of bottom freezers, either. What about those fancy French door three door
models? Neither KitchenAid nor Thermador had one in
the top twenty. In fact, I don’t know if Thermador even makes those. What do they make? Or, rather, make well? Thermador does make built in refrigerators
that look like wood paneled drawers. Thermador’s Freedom Collection came in first in the Consumer
Reports reviews, and it was 7K. For 7K, it ought to be great. Thermador did have an eight thousand dollar
model, too, that scored lower. For 8K, I’d rather buy a spare thousand dollar
fridge for the game room. How did KitchenAid rate? KitchenAid was not even in the top seven or
eight models. It sounds like Thermador does not even make
quality fridges except for niche styles. I’m definitely leaning toward KitchenAid. KitchenAid also has above average reliability.
For example, their bottom freezers were the second least likely to need repairs, though
the side by side fridges were average. I’ll settle for average reliability when I
can afford the repair bill. Whirlpool and Maytag blow the budget when you combine their
purchase price with all the repair bills.

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