KitchenAid vs Sub Zero Refrigerators

What do you think of KitchenAid vs Sub Zero
refrigerators? KitchenAid’s bottom freezers are extremely
reliable, assuming there’s no ice maker. I think every freezer should make ice. I mean the reliability of every model goes
down when there is an ice maker, and Kitchenaid’s reliability really suffers if it has an ice
maker. I do not like bottom freezers. If the thing
overflows and melts, it will spread to the floor, not the drain. KitchenAid’s side by side fridges are just
average on quality, though, ice maker or not. How are they on the fancy French door three
door fridges? KitchenAid did not have a highly rated model
in that category. Then again, neither did Sub Zero. For the price they charge, you’d think they
were number one in every category. If you want a built in fridge, Subzero’s model
came in eighth and was recommended by Consumer Reports. It is also 8K. I’d rather just buy a cheaper
KitchenAid for one to two thousand, and pay two thousand for someone to put paneling around
it. And save enough to put two spare fridges in
the garage and game room. What about the traditional top freezer refrigerator
models? GE, Whirlpool and LG dominate that category.
Neither KitchenAid nor Sub Zero are in the top ten. It is starting to sound like Sub Zero is a
zero for everything but the price. Oh, they’re happy to add zeros to the price
tag. But it is not worth it. So if you want to return to the original question,
you’re down to KitchenAid just on quality. And price. Yeah, and that affects your quality of life. Or being able to buy a replacement fridge
when the KitchenAid goes out. Given the price of a Sub Zero fridge, just
the replacement parts will have two and three zeros on the end.

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