KitchenAid vs Miele Dishwashers

What do you think of KitchenAid vs Miele dishwashers? KitchenAid is superior. Everyone has their opinion. What do you have
to back yours up, aside from the one in your mother’s kitchen? Consumer Reports. The highest rated Kitchenaid
dishwasher came in fifth in the 2014 Consumer Reports reviews. That’s pretty good. Was it a best buy? No, that went to a Bosch Ascenta that was
half the price. However, the KitchenAid was well rated in every category. Except price. You do not even get high quality for the high
price of a Miele. The 1500 dollar Miele came in 31st, when the 1500 Kitchenaid came in
14th. That would be annoying. If I’m going to pay
just as much for a dishwasher, I’ll get the higher rated one. You can do better with a cheaper KitchenAid.
The $1350 Kitchenaid dishwasher came in 13th. Better and cheaper than the 1500 dollar one?
I’m getting Kitchenaid, though I’m surprised Miele fared so poorly. Miele did have a dishwasher that rated 11th,
but I didn’t think you could afford two thousand dollars for the Miele Futura Dimension. For two thousand dollars, I’ll get a cheap
Bosch, and a spare one. That’ll take up too much space in your kitchen.
Just buy a KitchenAid and keep the money for repairs or to buy a spare. Miele has science fiction sounding names,
but they don’t do well in terms of quality. They can’t even correlate quality to cost.
For example, a $2700 Miele Futura Diamond came in 49th. That’s disappointing. Especially when the nearly 3K Futura Diamond
scored worse than the thousand dollar Miele model. Miele is definitely not going the extra mile
on quality. That’s why you need the KitchenAid dish washer
in your kitchen. I certainly can’t afford an expensive but
under-performing Miele dish washer. It could be worse. You could get a Fagor or
Ikea. I’d rather pay the kids to wash the dishes
than own one of those.

4 thoughts on “KitchenAid vs Miele Dishwashers

  • Not sure how good Miele is but My kitchen-aid nearly set my house on fire. Google kitchenaid dishwasher fire I am not the only one. Guess what I will never buy again.

  • Wow so much bullshit in this video. Good luck when your Kitchenaid breaks right after the warranty period while your Miele will continue to work for at least 15 years

  • Please be advised that KITCHENAID dishwashers designed for home use are now engineered by Whirlpool, not Hobart, since Hobart whored themselves out to Whirlpool in the early 2000's. When they were engineered and built by Hobart they were bomb ass dishwashers, so much so they earned the nickname "hurricane in a box". Damn you Hobart

  • Miele appliances wipe the floor with KitchenAid, which is owned by Whirlpool. The only decent thing made by KitchenAid were their mixers. But the new, post Whirlpool ones have had problems left and right. They are cheaply made, with cheap materials. I'll keep my previous Whirlpool KitchenAid mixer and leave Miele to the rest of the appliances in my home.

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