KitchenAid vs Maytag Dishwashers

What is your opinion of KitchenAid vs Maytag
dishwashers? I don’t know which one is actually better. KitchenAid at least manages to place fifth
in the Consumer Reports reviews of 2014. For the fifteen hundred dollars their top
model costs, it better be good. The best Maytag dishwasher was half that price,
but it also ranked 26th. I guess you cannot get a good dishwasher for
under a thousand. That is not true. The Bosch 500 Series costs
nine hundred dollars and came in ninth, while the Bosch 300 series came in 12th at eight
hundred dollars or so. Bosch sounds posh, until you get the frequent
and expensive repair bills. KitchenAid’s quality varies with its price.
For example, its sixteen hundred dollar model ranked lower than the fifteen hundred one. What was the difference? It was a lot noisier and a little harder to
use, despite costing a hundred dollars more. I’ve leaned towards Maytag because it is a
quality brand. Maytag’s bored repairman commercials are a
cruel hoax. Their appliances tend to leak and grow mold over time, though that is a
bigger problem for their front loading washing machines than their dishwashers. Fagor’s dishwashers managed to spray more
water on the floor than the dishes, so Maytag is still a dramatic improvement over the worst
case scenarios. The best Maytag dish washer was eight hundred
dollars, but there are comparably priced and higher quality ones. If only there were a quality cheap one. Maytag does have a $550 model, but it came
in 62nd out of a hundred. There are literally dozens of models better than that one. Does KitchenAid have any models I should avoid? Actually, no. Kitchenaid did not have any
models in the bottom third of the listings, though Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and
GE did. Then I’m getting the highest rated KitchenAid

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