KitchenAid vs LG Dishwashers

What do you think of KitchenAid vs LG dishwashers?
I don’t know which one to get. KitchenAid at least placed fifth in Consumer
Reports. It was also recommended by the magazine. Where was LG in the rankings? The highest rated LG dish washer was an LG
Stream. It was a thousand dollars and ranked tenth. That’s pretty good, out of the hundred or
so Consumer Reports reviewed. Unfortunately, it was not recommended, though
the Miele and Bosch models around it were. That is not good. The highest rated KitchenAid came in thirteenth,
while another ranked fourteenth. Lower than LG, not so hot. I’d hope a dishwasher doesn’t get hot. However,
Kenmore had dishwashers so badly designed the steam vent blew hot air on the heat sensor. That’ll set it off. Or burn out the control
board. Yes, which is why I’m glad you are not looking
into Kenmore. The only downside of the KitchenAid is its price. How bad is it? The KitchenAid was sixteen hundred. For that much, it should have been much higher.
Heck, I could get so lesser rated dishwashers and a spare for that much. And it is six hundred less than the much higher
rated LG dish washer. LG makes over models. Yeah, but I’ve already told you about the
best rated one. If you want cheaper, the nine hundred dollar model ranked 33rd. For a hundred dollars more, I’d rather have
the one that rated tenth. The funny thing is that for two hundred dollars
more, you could have an LG dishwasher that rated even lower. Though the eight hundred
dollar LG dish washer was 37th. How bad were the cheaper KitchenAid dishwashers? An 850 Kitchenaid came in 42nd. However, that
was their lowest rated one. Then I’m getting the LG dish washer. It is
comparable in price but higher in quality.

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