KitchenAid vs Jenn Air Cooktops

What do you think of Kitchenaid vs Jenn Air
cooktops? Why do you want a cook top, when you could
get a cook top and oven combination for roughly the same price? I don’t need a full oven, and I don’t have
the kitchen space for an oven when the unit doesn’t have one. If your apartment has gas, neither Kitchenaid
nor Jenn Air had one of the top models. GE and Kenmore came out on top. I don’t want a gas appliance. The hassle of
re-lighting a pilot light is only matched by the risk of burning off your eyebrows. If you want an electric smooth top cook top,
Kitchenaid came in first in Consumer Reports. That’s promising. Now it still costs nine hundred dollars. One
of the top rated Kenmore models was six hundred and something. I do not like Kenmore’s lack of reliability. Jenn-Air is worse. They did not even have
a model in the top ten. That’s disappointing. If you want an induction cooktop, Kitchenaid
made a decent one. I like the idea of a cook top that can’t catch
my kitchen on fire. It came in seventh in the Consumer Reports
ratings but was still a recommended one. Induction smooth tops are expensive, though. KitchenAid’s was about fourteen hundred. At
that price, you could probably actually afford both the cook top and the cook ware. What about Jenn-Air? They did not have anything good enough to
make top listings in any category. I thought they did better than that. Jenn Air ranges had the worst reliability
of any brand of electric ranges Consumer Reports reviewed. So I’m not surprised that none of
their ranges minus the stove, AKA cook tops, were lousy. Then I’m down to getting a KitchenAid by default. It’s not your fault, it’s theirs.

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