KitchenAid Stand Mixer | Best Value For Money | Ultra Power Plus | Review 2020

I’m so excited I got my new KitchenAid
stand mixer and the model I chose to buy was the ultra power plus if you guys are
looking to invest in one you should definitely check out this model so stick
with me while I test it out and show you its features so the ultra power plus comes with a 300
watt motor and sliding this lever over lets you tilt the head up and tilt it
down and then lock it into place the accessories include a beater for
your cakes and pastries a dough hook for kneading your dough and a wire whip for
doing fast whipping and they’re all really easy to just slide on and off and
if you’re lucky you’ll even get a pouring shield included with your set so
mine came with a four and a half quarter steel bowl with a handle and it’s really
easy to just clamp it into the base here you just pop it in and give it a twist
it comes with a 10 speed control starting from stirring all the way to 10
stir being the lowest and 10 being the highest comes with an attachment hub and it
comes with a whole bunch of accessories that you can buy separately and I can
show you that in my next video so please be sure to give this video a like hit
the subscribe button with your notification bell turned on so here I’m
making a chocolate cake so I’m gonna test out the beater first pop in the bowl and
lower the head down very carefully because this is actually quite heavy
lock it into place and put it on stir fast oh and look at that I’m gonna
increase the speed here a little bit to 2 and then to 4 which is a medium setting and there you have it
beautifully beaten I’m just gonna show you the bottom of the bowl here there’s
nothing left at the bottom it scraped the whole thing off so next I want to
try my dough hook so I’m gonna tilt the head back and pop on my dough hook so on
our first attempt we have some flour with some butter mixed in and we were so
excited to try the dough hook and we popped it on stir first to mix the
butter into the flour and we just started adding water to it and we were
so excited about trying it out and watching the dough hook go round and
round and try and make the dough that we just kept on adding the water and we
kind of ended up with a sticky mess so we had to add some more flour in there
to try and get it back to a normal consistency so you can see here it’s quite sticky so
whatever you do don’t make that same mistake so on my second attempt I
measured two cups of flour and this is what I mean when I say it’s heavy so you
have to lower it down very gently and here I have one cup of water I’m going
to use the pouring shield here switch it on to stir and then gradually add the water it’s not really splashing anywhere so
I’m just gonna remove this shield so you guys can see properly and what you’re
gonna want to do is gradually add the water and you can see it forming into a
nice dough once it’s all mixed together I’m just gonna increase the speed to 2
and then I’m gonna increase it to 4 and that will be the maximum you don’t
want to use a very high speed because it was damage the motor when you’re making
dough when you put the speed above four you’ll notice the machine start to shake
and vibrate so you really want to keep it on speed level 4 so you can see
it’s done a really good job of making the dough it’s taken it all from the bottom
as well and it hasn’t left any powder residue at the bottom and the consistency is really good I
just used one cup of water with two cups of chapati flour depending on the type
of flour that you’re using you’ll need to adjust the water what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna cover this for ten minutes to let it set and after ten minutes I’m
just gonna knead the dough again for one or two minutes and now you can see that
the texture is much better after letting it rest for at least 10 minutes okay guys so that’s all for now please
be sure to watch out for more videos

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