KitchenAid Feet Video

Hi Im Jade and I work for KaParts. In this
video I am going to show you the difference between the old style feet and the new improved
feet that can be fitted to your KitchenAid mixer For many years Kitchenaid fitted small cylinder
feet to the tilt head mixer. These small feet were common on the KSM90, Classic and others.
A new design was fitted with most Artisan mixers which can also be fitted to older mixers When you use your mixer you may have noticed
it start to move about on the work surface. It will often move more when it is working
harder such as when it is kneading dough I have two mixers, the green one with the
small feet and the pink one with the improved feet. I am now going to turn them both on
with the same mix As you can see, the mixer with the smaller
feet has moved a lot more. If you want to be able to walk out of the room without worrying
that your mixer is going to fall to the floor then we recommend using the improved feet Thank you for watching this video, I hope
it has helped you to see the difference between the two Kitchenaid mixer feet. If you would
like to purchase the feet or for more help videos please visit our website

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