100 thoughts on “KITCHEN GADGET TESTING #31

  • Oh I totally did the palm zester the wrong way round… oops! I tried it the other way though and it's still dangerous!
    Have a Barrathon, watch the kitchen gadget testing playlist

    Individual gadget testing playlist is here

    Should you wish to get one (Amazon may pay me some pocket money if you do buy through these links)

    Lemon squeezer

    Palm zester

    Omelette maker

    Penguin tea boy

    Strawberry knife

    Silicone collapsible travel mug

  • Try white or green tea with a bit of honey and optionally (lemon or lime). They are much milder flavors. Also don't steep it so long 5ish minutes is plenty. If you still don't like it at that point don't think you are ever going to.

  • I took universal design at university so some of these devices are really cool assistive design. Like there's a spoon that stabilizes itself so that if you have Parkinson's and your spoon shakes so much you can't eat the spoon head is separate from the grip so nothing falls out. So cool!

  • I am no tea expert but I think if you want a string you are more likely to find them on black tea. Because you don’t want to over steep it. With herbal teas you can just leave it in.

  • Teabags … The one in a big bag don't usually have a string but the ones individually wrapped do so the Pukka ones in Ur case pmsl

  • I smashed up my thumb using a lemon juicer. The hinge gave out and it just crammed down on me little thumb. I won't use one ever again cause I'm too paranoid.

  • Tea should only brew for maybe 5 minutes.
    I would like to suggest you try a tisane (made with fruit and/or nuts) or herbal tea (made with dried herbs instead of tea or white tea (made with tea but has very little flavor or caffeine). My local tea shop has a tisane made with nuts and a little beet for sweetness (beets are sugary), it tastes just like oatmeal cookies when brewed, you can mix it with milk and it's like drinking an oatmeal cookie.

  • gotta love barry. uses the PALMzester on the other side of his hand, doesnt use the whole lever on the other thing. ahhhh

  • Did you start singing a 5ive song, when the lights go out? The nostalgia that you just delivered into my life…priceless, thanks man!

  • I'm having a day off / snow day tomorrow so I will be doing a Barrython. Also I need a bread recipe for Lamb casserole

  • MrBarry please avoid using electric devices while being bare foot it might be dangerous I think. I don't know if the wooden floor is enough to protect you but prevention is better than cure

  • I had that omelet maker when I was in like 6th grade and made an omelet everyday for weeks because it was easy to make at a young age while my mom was at work ! Now I wanna buy one for myself as an adult cause I still can’t make a damn omelet

  • Barry… you're just drinking the wrong kind of tea! (I'm a coffee drinker myself) mint tea! it's the very best!

    You need to solder or "crazy glue" the blade back in (ok I know that sounded crazy, but it's wroth to try don't you think)

  • Here, let me just get my adorable penguin and make a relaxing cup of –AAAAAAAARRRGGHGHGHGHH!H!!!!!!

  • What I find funniest about this video is how I find tea bags with string very easily and actually struggled finding tea without string several times before but I don't use tea bags anymore

  • Putting lemon and honey into tea makes it a bit better because drinking tea without anything might not be the best

  • Yes I want to see the cheese caves! You can make cakes, muffins, cheese sandwiches excetera in the omelette maker. We have one of my kids loved it when we would create things in it.

  • Hi Barry love your vidios but I think Crazy Russian hacker is coping you with the kitchen gadget testing 🤔

  • You may find you the taste is more like the smell if you put some sugar in your herbal teas. Also fresh is best, the flavour will be much better fresh.

  • Um for the people who a commenting that they were screaming at there screen that the pucker tea had a bag In it he hates tea how was he sappost to know but on the other hand he should have opened he bag but I’m guessing he thought that the bag had loose tea oh and also about the lemon shower idea it would be extremely painful for people who have cuts and scratches

  • I appreciate you mentioning that these gadgets can help people with disabilities I know you say that for those idiots who think a gadget that does something so simple is pointless but I fact can help so many people get back in the kitchen as I’m only 14 and I live with my grandparents who are disabled and it makes my day when you say this it makes me think how lucky I am to be healthy and able to do what ever I want. Thank you

  • I’m a little both confused for why you did not bother to ask the store staff to help you find a box of tea with a teabag with a string to save money (btw the second tea(the vanilla) you opened had a string)

  • I don't understand.. how do you Brits get your tea out of your cup when all of your teas over there don't have a string? Never seen one without a string before!

  • Hi Barry, it is pronounced KoonRe(as in knee)Con, the man from the company himself states this on QVC. Hope you have a great week.

  • Barry I just found ur channel two weeks ago and feel like I won the jack pot because I just enjoy so much, I could watch u for hours( and I do ) 😂😂 keep up because u r so funny and I really like ur family as well.❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼😅👍🏻

  • With the lemon juicer you're supposed to put the lemon half cut side up. I was unaware initially, but tried it when I found out and it works much better, gets way more juice out.

  • I have a gadget quite like the omelet maker except it toast sandwiches. Amazing video as always Barry.

  • I completely agree with your description of tea. Mud. Wet field. I'm an outsider here in Arkansas, USA bc I don't drink tea. Apparently I'm not "southern" or "American". Haha. 😂😂

  • That strawberry knife/huller, You can also use the huller end to get the stem end off of tomatoes. We use a similar huller at work to take out the stem ends on Roma tomatoes to save time and cut down on waste

  • Green tea just makes fruit taste so refreshing. Unless it’s steeped to long then it gets awful bitter also when it’s cooked to high

  • I think "sweet tea" is the ticket for you ….to make a gallon of tea brew about ten small tea bags with a pinch of bacon soda to get rid of the bitter taste….then mix 1 or 2 cups of sugar and water to complete the gallon. When you serve it over ice squeeze a bit of lemon

  • Unpackages product called palmizer wears and uses product as a ring

    Holds juicer with a specific shape of a halved fruit inserts halved fruits opposite of shape of device

    Jfc 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • why people like it? because they do it properly.

    And no, adding lots of milk and sugar is NOT the proper method.

    Each kind of tea has a needed right temperature, and right time to "brew"
    Wrong temperature ruins the tea, just as much as the wrong timings.

    Most of the times when it goes bad it just gets really bitter and undrinkable (even a really delicate tasting one like a white-jasmine tea) but sometimes it also gets undesired effects.
    And this works for other herbals too, like chamomile. If brewed properly it relaxes you and makes you sleepy, but if it stays too much it has a much stronger waking effect than caffeine!!!

  • Hey Barry just a cool thing about the Leon squeezer I used one of those to make over 1000 lemonades at a carnival this last weekend

  • Have you tried southern sweet tea?? It's just loaded with sugar. Lol. I live in Texas and that's all we drink. You should try it one day.

  • barry was being massive plonker in this one >< doesnt open the tea bags that have strings but are stored in pouches, uses a palm zester dangerously wrong (zester face down on a fruit held on table), steeps tea for 20 minutes because "it can go that long" when obviously meant to be used as a general kitchen timer as well as the tea steeper ><

  • Yeah @Barry Lewis usually tea bags in little paper bags almost always have strings you should've opened the bag

  • I hate to be juvenile, but. Love that camera angle when the penguins beak went up. And the sound got you excited. >_< lol

  • Literally sat here all day since 9am having a right marathon! I think your amazing! Im obsessed with my kitchen gadgets and my mum always had a go saying I've got enough s*** in the kitchen aha! You can never have enough gadgets! Makes it quicker especially with a 3 year old aha!

  • Noone on the bloody planet likes tea brewed for 20 minutes.

    You will like baby tea; tea bag in for 20 secs, no squeeze. Milk, one sugar 👍

  • To get a shorter brewing time you wind the penguin all the way up and then back to the time you want. Had a similar one that I used to brew tea while I took a shower in the morning. But the mechanism broke after a few month.
    About the tea, english tea is usually very strong. Try something mild like darjeeling and brew it for 3 min tops. The longer you brew it the more bitter it becomes.

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