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[lauren] it’s lauren and we’re doing a video and there’s a dog near the window! [lauren] alright everybody, what’s up it’s lauren. [john] john. [lauren] we’re hot for food, of course and we’re making a little breakfast for ourselves this morning [lauren] so we thought we’d try something a little different for this week’s video, [lauren] and while, well, john’s basically making breakfast. i’m just gonna talk. [lauren] umm, while we’re doing this, i thought we could run down our kitchen equipment and utensils. [lauren] like some of the essential stuff that we use that you’ve probably seen in all of our videos. [lauren] and you ask us questions but now we’ll have one consolidated video [lauren] that tells you kind of what we use, and then little tips and tricks for how to use those things. [lauren] well, let’s start with your knives since you’re cutting, [lauren] actually a lot of people do ask us what kind of knives we use. [john] i don’t think they’re anything fancy or special. [john] actually my favourite knife, i got from
[lauren] ikea. [john] a swedish store. this knife
[lauren] oh yea, this knife [lauren] you’ve seen it a lot, a lot of people ask us what knife that is, it’s just from ikea. [john] it’s so sharp though, it’s so good
[lauren] you would have seen us cutting many things like [lauren] peppers and vegan sausages. [john] it’s super sharp, there’s no like, no gimmicks [john] no grooves for
[lauren] but what are these grooves for? [lauren] do you actually know?
[john] cheese. [lauren] these grooves are for cheese?
[john] well, not for cheese but [john] things like cheese, umm, squashes that are like very dense and as you’re going through, [john] you know you kinda create a suction on a knife, [john] you can’t get stuff off
[lauren] you know something i don’t know. [lauren] these are hampton forge
[john] that’s mine, sorry that’s for you [lauren] alright i have hampton forge and he had paderno. [lauren] i don’t think these are anything fancy, you can go to any kitchen store, homesense wherever if you live in canada, [lauren] marshalls, target, whatever and you can probably find these knives in the kitchen area. [lauren] now, this is for sharpening knives [lauren] isn’t it?
[john] mhm. [lauren] but i’ve never really done it, we don’t really do that. [john] i’ve- for something like knives we use all the time, i might take it to the knife sharpening place. [john] cos they’ll do it probably for ten bucks, [john] they’re not gonna mess up your knives like you might. [lauren] now i will say this, we could sometimes make this mistake and we really shouldn’t. [lauren] we put these in the dishwasher and we shouldn’t [lauren] cos they sit in the dishwasher with food stuck on them and they rust, [lauren] so we should just stop doing that right now,. [john] yea. [lauren] it’s nice to have a chopping block like this, [lauren] because then you have all your knives handy, ready to go on the counter, [lauren] as opposed to a drawer randomly, maybe they’ll get dinged and stuff and rub against other um, [lauren] other utencils. [lauren] okay that’s, that’s generally knives. [lauren] well before you start cooking in this pan, this is a good pan to show. [lauren] this pan is a ceramic coated thing, like it’s like green friendly, non stick. it’s not teflon. [lauren] we umm, we did have one teflon pan that was yours from ikea that we were using a lot because [lauren] it was easy
[john] it was so non sticky [lauren] i know, but i don’t like teflon. i don’t really know, just bad stuff about teflon like [lauren] when you heat teflon, all that chemicals go into the food and the air and apparently it’s really bad for you. that’s all i really know. [lauren] at homesense, where we live in canada, we can just go and get these pans for pretty cheap like 25 bucks. [lauren] that are green safe coating for non stick so we have this one we just got which i quite like, it’s nice to have non stick [lauren] and cast iron. we have cast iron which you’ve seen in videos or we bake our cinnamon buns in them. [lauren] cos they look nice. but also cast iron will last you your whole life if you buy a good cast iron. [john] it’s actually my mum’s or grandma’s
[lauren] yea, mine is also from my mum. [lauren] if we need non stick for quick stuff, [lauren] um we cook like our veggie chicken or veggie meat usually in a non stick because it’s easier. [john] this is gonna be a quick clean up so we’re gonna do our tofu
[lauren] it’s so easy to clean! you just like [lauren] it’s done. cast iron you gotta soak, never put soap in your cast iron, [lauren] this is actually a good little tool. you’ve seen me zest lemon zest and lime zest on, [lauren]or ginger i’ve grated with it before. [lauren] it is a rasp this one’s from lee valley. [lauren] or microplain you may have see it called microplain, [lauren] it’s very handy and it’s sharp as hell. [lauren] having a couple of whisks is a good idea. [lauren] whisking is a difference between you know, a spoon because this puts air into something. [lauren] plus, it helps mix it better than a spoon. really, i guess? [john] yea if you got something really fine like a, when we do like out [john] um. [john] coconut bacon or something like that, like all the little fine powders of the smoked paprika [john] like when you have a spice, a whisk is gonna get that. a fork, a spoon is not gonna [john] get all those granules mixed in there. [lauren] we’ve talked about these i think in our taco video? [john] guy fieri?
[lauren] guy fieri? is that the taco video? [lauren] i don’t know, some video we talk about these lemon and lime squeezers. [lauren] these are my favourite tools and once i saw them on guy’s-
[john] i thought i was your favourite tool. [lauren] you are one of my favourite tools. [lauren] he always had these tools and i went and found them at winners. [lauren] so winners homesense. this is not sponsored, [lauren] but we do go to homesense and winners a lot because you get everything discounted and you get all these great [lauren] kitchen things at a cheaper price. [lauren] that’s also where i buy a lot of dishes you see in photographs, [lauren] as well as the dollar store, i get some dishes at the dollar store, [lauren] and the rest of our dishes are really just from ikea. [lauren] since food blogging, i’ve accumulated a lot more dishes and proppy type stuff [lauren] this whole cupboard here is just plates and bowls and things and [lauren] they’ve all been used in photographs on hot for food and videos. [lauren] so i’m eating an english muffin with some vegan cream cheese. [lauren] well i’ll probably eat some of that too. [john] yea.
[lauren] what are you making, john? [john] tofu scramble. gonna saute some mushrooms, kale as usual. [john] we made this tofu scramble probably a thousand times but [lauren] if you’re curious of how we make ours there’s a recipe on the blog and we’ve got a video for it as well. [lauren] so the thing we probably do the most on hot for food is blend stuff and we do use a vitamix. [lauren] i wish vitamix would sponsora video but [lauren] they like to giveaway vitamixes which is a nice thing, we did recieve a vitamix. [lauren] we used to have two i gave one to my friend. [lauren] i bought one when i first went vegan. january 1 2010. best thing i ever bought. [lauren] so if you’re hesitating, you should buy one, or you know what? [lauren] that being said, there are also like the ninja, the blendtec they’re all generally the same. [john] there’s the big difference. there’s blender, and then there’s high powered blender, high powered blender’s gonna be the thing that blends [john] your ices, your hard nuts, your cashews,
[lauren] it really emulsifies it at a higher speed so you’re getting creamy, thick, you’re putting air into it. [lauren] plus yea, that’s the only way you can really blend cashews. [lauren] cos i know people have been doing them in nutribullets and in regular blenders [lauren] and they get their cashew sour cream but it’s chunky. [lauren] you’ve seen us blend in the big canister, recently we did the smoothies in that. [lauren] it’s good for banana ice cream, it’s good for like, larger volume soups [lauren] purees, what not in this big caniser which is the new vitamix we just received. [lauren] which has this big canister on top and it’s great, [lauren] however, my original vitamix had this thin canister. [lauren] it’s amazing, the volume’s the same, it’s just the [lauren] the shape of the canister that actually has been making all the difference because [lauren] i did give away my base to my friend and she went and bought one of these online. [lauren] but i said i had to keep my base. [lauren] i mean, i have to keep my canister cos this canister, [lauren] is so narrow at the bottom that it actually works for most of the stuff we make like [lauren] our dressings and our sauces because
[john] small batches. [lauren] because, we’re only making you know, three cups max of anything [lauren] or even if we’re getting one cup down here, [lauren] the blade is so close to everything that it works, [lauren] whereas this one, if i tried to do a dressing in this, it just spits it all to the side and it doesn’t work. [lauren] if you’re gonna buy one, try to get this, this long canister cos it works better cos you can also do eight cups of stuff in here. [lauren] and do banana ice-cream, and do al the ice. [lauren] but you can also do the small batch dressings and sauces. [lauren] i sound like i’m on the shopping channel but honestly, [lauren] like, this is important information! [lauren] i only say this in the detailed recipe on the blog but you know a lot of the time i’m in there, [lauren] pushing stuff down while it’s blending and doing this. this is the most important tool for these high powered blenders. [lauren] the sword! once i called it the sword. that’s the new name for it. [lauren] your blending sword. [john] so when do you use a high speed blender versus a food processor? [lauren] ahh, good question. [lauren] so here is our food processor, it is a prOcessor or pRocessor
[john] pRocessor. [lauren] i don’t know, i say both, [lauren] okay, it’s a kitchenaid, it was about $60, [lauren] it’s not the greatest but it does the job. [john] it can hear you, don’t be mean.
[lauren] well, i’m just saying. [lauren] so this does things like, you know the date nut crust for the cheesecake, [lauren] i just did the sausage filling for the sausage rolls in it, [lauren] i don’t think john’s ever used the processor in his life, [lauren] but there is a difference, let me try to explain this the best. [lauren] basically if you wanna liquify something, you wanna do it in the blender. [lauren] but if you don’t wanna liquify, you know you can still liquify, you can make a pesto in this, [lauren] you can make a walnut pesto but you’re still gonna have like, little chunks of walnuts in there. [lauren] like little tiny pieces. [lauren] you know, we made falafels in here because it gets it to like a flour dough like consistency, [lauren] or same with the sausage it’s more of a dough like consistency. [lauren] the blender doesn’t get that because it’s too [lauren] like, the blade’s just at the bottom, and it needs liquid to sort of push and pull up and down to the blade, [lauren] this is more of an even spin. [lauren] and with the food processor, like if you really are lazy and you don’t wanna cut stuff, [lauren] you can put the slicing blade on and you can slice tomatoes and onions and stuff which i’ve never done! [lauren] sometimes i like to process onions in there just so i don’t have to cut them if i’m doing a big soup or something [lauren] and i’m doing like two onions first then i chop them up in here. [john] essentially replaces
[lauren] mincing. this is a mincer. [john] it replaces a knife and like, a super precise person chopping everything the exact same size [lauren] you know like, our crab cake recipe, [lauren] we do that all by hand. [lauren] but you could food process the artichoke and the onion and celery until like. [lauren] the crab cake stuff, artichoke cake stuff [john] it could help them keep together more
[lauren] it would. [lauren] i mean, but i, you know in that case and again, why did we not do that? i don’t know [lauren] on the day, i think i was just like cut it up, cut it up. [lauren] cos sometimes i don’t like, you know taking this out and doing the whole thing but you could do the crab cakes in this. [john] i think it’s pretty straightforward
[lauren] okay but some people don’t know that stuff. [lauren] that’s why they’re asking. now, do you get a food processor or a blender? [john] woah. [lauren] i think you need both. if you’re gonna cook, [lauren] if you’re gonna be, you know, hot for food. you would want both, [john] you need both. we’re like the people in the infomercial when like, [john] they’re tryna sell you a certain blender or something that does everything all in one, [john] and you’re the person in the kitchen with all the appliances [lauren] “sick of all your appliances? ugh it’s falling all over the place!” [lauren] yea, it’s true. it is like that. [lauren] that’s because there really is no such thing as the tool that does everything. [lauren] anyway, that’s enough of that. [lauren] we also have a soda stream,
[john] mm. [lauren] that’s all we use though, umm, food processor and blender’s really the only thing, oh. [lauren] a hand mixer. [lauren] i’ve done you know, coconut whip in that
[john] batters, [lauren] and certain cookie- that’s for baking. [lauren] there’s an immersion blender. [lauren] and a hand mixer. [lauren] do you guys know the difference? we have both, they’re both pretty inexpensive. [lauren] immersion blender’s for like blending soup, [lauren] you know, in a pot you just go like this with the stick. i don’t think we’ve ever used that in a video. [lauren] and the hand mixers have the attachments with the beaters [lauren] you don’t need an immersion blender, if you wanna blend your soup, you put it in your high powered blender. [john] mhm. [lauren] but [lauren] the immersion blender’s only $20, and then you don’t have to pour your soup into the blender and back into the pot, [lauren] you can just blend it in the pot so that’s why it is handy. [lauren] if you’re into food blogging, [lauren] and i’m sure you already know this, we’ve talked about this on my channel but [lauren] it’s buried somewhere in a vlog. [lauren] uhh, it’s nice that we have white counters cos we have a nice clean backdrop. [lauren] a lot of the time and we have white walls, which is nice. [lauren] so we take a lot of photos here by the door. [lauren] but when you see a lot of those videos where it’s just our hands are coming in and out and it’s on wood or on like white, [lauren] we are using individual slabs of tile that we got at the hardware store. [john] so we have white tiles, we have grey dark slate, and we’ve got like wood backdrops. [lauren] and the wood backdrop, actually we just went to a reclaimed wood store, [lauren] like a dealer who has pieces of barn wood and for $50 i got that big slab, it’s the white-grey one. it’s really cool. [lauren] 50 bucks, you might think that’s expensive but i’ve used it like, [lauren] so much, it doesn’t matter. it’s like a dollar a time i use it, right? [john] what i think is cool is we have these little dollar store [john] containers with the clear lid at the top, [john] for spices so when you open up, [john] our drawer with all of our spices, you don’t have to rummage through bags [lauren] well, we do have some in bags
[john] these are extras [john] but the ones we use often are just in these containers so you can look by the top [john] by the colour, you’re like “okay, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder” [john] just by the colours on top.
[lauren] but we’re nerds and we also have a label maker and we put labels on them. [lauren] cos you can’t really tell between garlic and onion. do you need a label maker? no. [john] you should get one [lauren] well there you have it, our hot for food kitchen essentials
[john] and utensils. [lauren] exactly. i think we pretty much covered it all, there’s nothing else i could think of. [lauren] and uh, that’s some good resource and information for you but if you still have some more questions, leave them in the comments below. [lauren] i usually check a lot of that and i can reply back to y’all [john] totally. so we’re not doing a recipe this week, it’s more of an informative video but [john] you’re getting a smoothie this week, too so that’s a recipe. this is like, [john] this is extra. enjoy and we’ll be back next wednesday with another video, [lauren] yep and go to my channel! [lauren] because i do a lot of vegan food stuff there too. [lauren] and you can see our cat snickles more
[john] he’s an essential utensil [lauren] he’s a blog essential. everyone loves him
[john] that’s true. [lauren] and he’s not here right now [lauren] he had a date today.

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