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  • hello i love your vlog very much
    if i may i want to add some important fact
    i live in iran and we have lots of old practice doctors and nutritionist
    all of them pretty much say that never grind all of the flax seed, grind it just before you want to use it,
    otherwise if you grind and store all of the flax seeds it become poisonous.

  • a rice cooker is the one small kitchen appliance I couldn't live without. I eat rice almost everyday and I also reheat food in it on the keep warm setting.

  • Hands down my Thermomix!!! Within a year of getting this beauty, i sold my Vitamix, Magimix and 2 Kitchenaid blenders. After 4++ years of owning my TM5, it is still going strong and get used almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Cant live without it.

  • Thank you veeerrryyy much. It helped me make a better choice which one i have to buy. And my birthday is in February, maybe i can get a Dutch oven for my birthday??? Hahahaha just kidding.

  • Magimix or Le Creuset/Staub for me. For both it’s all about choosing the right size for you. I think for most people that’s their medium sizes.

  • A blender is a must for me and a grinder. Sadly my Vitamix has been a nightmare from day one and I’m on my third jug, now waiting a month nearly to hear back about a solution for a very expensive piece of kitchen equipment. So at this moment in time I regret buying it for all the hassle it’s been and haven’t been impressed with their customer service. So I wouldn’t recommend them. My cheap blender before faired better by Kenwood. I love having a food dehydrator though I don’t use it as much as I’d like. My rice cooker is also an essential that gets regular use. It also find it changes through the season in what I use in the same way that what I eat changes.

  • 항상 영상보면서 도움 많이 받고 있어요~^^
    저도 닌자 블렌더 사용하고 있는데.. 여기서 보니 반갑네요~^^

  • I agree with the hand mixer!

    I'd say, since my bread machine has died, that it's an appliance I did not think I would use THAT much.

    I miss my homemade bread and can't wait to buy a replacement for it 😊

  • Hi Sadia! Thank you so much for your beautiful, thoughtful, well-done videos. You mention that you wouldn't use the Ninja food processor to make a nut butter – would you use the one that's part of the hand blender?

  • Yes Yes Yes!! Thank you so much for making this video, have been waiting for it! Thank you for addressing so many things with all the essential but at the same time making it entertaining to watch! Many Blessing

  • I agree that blenders and food processors are essential and they are the appliances I use the most. I have small Ninja-like blender (it's actually Cuisinart) that I use a lot and travel with all the time. It's not that powerful, but it is great for blending my morning matcha. I travel a lot for work and it is small enough that I can easily take it with me.

  • If I had to pick only one appliance it would be my Thermomix! It is on the more expensive side but it is so versatile and useful! <3

  • Happy to say that I am in to veganism.. And u r my inspiration to this.. But my biggest doubt is.. Is honey vegan?? Plzz do answer me

  • I wouldnt be able to live without my Thermomix! We got it as a wedding gift and I can't imagine cooking anything without it. Its like a blender, food procesor and all kitchen appliances in one haha We also cook our soups in it. Highly reccomend!!
    Thank you for your videos! I feel like watching your videos is good for the soul :))

  • Blender! I can’t live without my daily smoothies. But I would love more space to accommodate more gadgets, specifically a food processor.

  • Can you make more liquidy things like smoothies in a food processor too? I really want to get one when I move out of my parents house, but I don't think I'll be able to afford both a blender and food processor, so I want to go with the more versatile option.

  • A nice large frying pan – I've been without most thing at one point or another and a big frying pan was the most enjoyable to reintroduce to my life.

  • I love your blog and your videos! You have so many very nice and cosy bowls, and plates , could you please tell more about them? 😊

  • my vitamix! i love smoothies! even in the cold months, and you can make sooo many other things with all the accesories options.

  • 8"chef knife, paring knife and maybe a "prep knife", 30"x18" cutting board (polyethylene) for plants; 18"x12" cutting board for animals…doesn't get much use but I like to have two separate boards.
    electric pressure cooker, steamer, skillet, frying pan with lid, 1.5qt, 3 qt, 8qt pots, dutch oven, 2 sizes of baking sheets, vitamix, hand blender, food processor, bamboo and silicone kitchen tools.
    i gave away my garlic press because I found a chef's knife and cutting board was all that was needed to quickly produce whatever you want from garlic….from rough dice to creamy paste.
    Newest kitchen tool: a granite mortar/pestle…..has quickly become something I use nearly daily. I do have an electric spice grinder and a separate coffee bean grinder. the electric spice grinder is ok for dry spices….but to make pesto or guacamole, you really need the mortar/pestle. Also, with a mortar/pestle you can get your grind to exactly what you want rather than just fine powder in the electric spice grinder. btw….yes, pesto is different when made with a mortar/pestle rather than a food processor. There is something about both garlic and also basil…..I think it has to do with the oils or something. but when mashed in a mortar rather than just chopped really fine in a food processor….the ending product is both vastly more aromatic and also the flavors are much stronger…its worth the extra effort if you have the time, your mouth and nose will thank you

  • Love the ones you chatted about and touted. Love them all. I need a good food processor. My $5 yard sale find is doing a decent job, but, it’s time for me to move up the scale a bit. However, my favorite kitchen essential has to be my Ankarsrum mixer. I grind Kamut to make all of our bread and bread products….and this machine is a workhorse to beat all and easily handles the 100% whole grain dough. Just found your channel and am in love with it. I’m not vegan….but, am gleaning a lot of good methods and recipes. Thank you!

  • Great video, so informative!! Thank you so much for sharing your “go to” kitchen small appliances and your blog post of the other important kitchen “go to” things to have! I also have an air fryer and an insta pot ! The jury is style out, I haven’t used either of them yet! You always take me back to nutrition, Whole Foods, the right balance, and beautiful recipes! Thank you for your video! I’m binge watching after your collaboration with Gaz! Omg both videos were awesome, as I said on his, can you please do a series👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼?!

  • Me encantó todo descubrí apenas tu blog está súper lindo todo super diseñado y fácil te felicito eres muy linda gracias

  • Hi thank you for the video! Which food processor would you recommend that also makes nut butters without having to worry about it breaking? I think magimix is a little pricey for me 🙈 but any other makes that are slightly more affordable but also does decent jobs? Thank you ☺️

  • my grandmother has a i think a Le Crueset from before i was a kid so probably over 30yrs old and yeah the enamel is gone but still works wonders for most thing. Sadly she has dementia now but my father uses it and I hope to use it too one day

  • The paring knife looks like a Solingen from the town of the same name in Germany. My husband's mom gave us a few and they're really good.

  • Hi, I am new here and love your personality and your instagram profile is stunning. I would pick the Magimix (Cook Expert) I love it so so so much and being French I always saw one of those in my family’s kitchens as well as Le Creuset dishes and the kettle too.

  • I have a braun hand mixer/imersion blender which has a 2 cup " food processor " also. But I'm just 1 person. I grind up my pumpkin seeds, flax seeds , and turned roaled oats into flour. The oats took a while so I didn't burn the motor like the first one. What's a good size and brand for a food processor for 1 person, but recipes with larger ingredients. Avocados started coming out of the processor hand-held 2 cup. Don't want to waste my money or clog my kitchen.

  • I have a vita mix blender but it’s SO LOUD ! Are the newer models any quieter?
    Also I found The Le Creusent cookware way too heavy so I donated the pieces I had. Always looking for reviews on good lightweight cookware pieces.

  • I swear my by instant pot and I have am immersion blender that I'm obsessed with. I also have a rock crok from Pampered Chef that's nice because I can take the insert from the stove to the slow-cooker base and then to the oven, even.

  • This comment will probably go unnoticed, but I just want to thank you for your channel. It helped me going plantbased and inspired me to cook and try more at home. Instead of being "I can`t eat that any more" i became like "Oh my good, I can try so many new things"!

    Your energy is incredibly positive, one can truly feel your good intentions and why you are creating this content. So Thank you! <3

  • Please create a video for those with tree nut allergies ( not peanuts, of course)AND bananas. Tree nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macademia, chestnuts, pecans, and pine nuts (there goes the pesto)etc AND bananas cause vomiting for some. Also, cashews are problematic. So many smoothies, toppings, sauces with these ingredients. Please, please. It could be a savory/ entree, dessert, or breakfast m video.🙂Thank you.

  • I love my copper pan! Non stick, only use very little to no oil and it's so easy to clean!! Everything just slides off it! I really want to invest in a food processor, will defo be checking out your recommendations 😊

  • I love my vitamix & my magimix. And the braun immersion blender set. And i love my good knives & sturdy yet flexi spatulas. But what i use daily & cant live without is a humble 'flat' type mortar & pestle that i bought in Indonesia. Such a good friend in my kitchen. I probably use it everyday. Such a good tool. Sometimes its true that the best things can be the cheapest and most undramatic. 😊 Btw, i use my India bought wet & dry Panasonic blender/ chopper/ food processor on a regular basis. It gets the job done so well for daily use! And its lasted me years and years. So good!

  • Hi Sadia
    Just wanted to ask do you ever use a microwave? Do you have one?
    I have a love hate relationship with microwaves, I rarely use mine and I feel they take up so much space in the kitchen but wonder if people can really manage without them!

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