Kid Friendly Juicing As A Base to a Smoothie, The Perfect Health Drink- Chef Roman

Nick: I’m Dr. Nick with Chef Roman, and
we’re going to demonstrate the most outstanding blended drink you could ever have. This one
is going to be designed for kids. We’re going to have Chef Roman test each drink,
each sample, in each segment, and give us either thumbs up, or what? Thumbs down, or
partial, right? Chef Roman: Yeah Nick: Okay, so let’s start with this. So
we’re first going to just put some pre-cut-up from an earlier segment, and just get this
all down in there, Chef Roman. Chef Roman: Oh, it’s working! The juice
is coming out! Nick: Okay, so what we’ve got is whole asparagus,
we’ve got carrots, fresh organic carrots, we’re going to see if we can fit some swiss
chard, white swiss chard; we’re getting close. Let’s add some sugar snap peas to get a little
more bulk in there, a little more fiber, and here’s the purple cauliflower. Looks like
we’re going to get this together. Chef Roman: There’s so much juice in here! Nick: Put a little bit of taste-test first.
What do you think? Thumbs up, thumbs down, Rome? Chef Roman, what do you think? Chef Roman: hmmm (thinking) Nick: I think we need more fruit for you,
huh? Chef Roman: Tomatoes! (excited) Nick: (laughs) Okay, here’s the taste test
now. Chef Roman: What about the ice? We forgot
the ice! Nick: Well, we’ll get the ice next time.
There you go Chef Roman. Try this one, and see if we fixed the drink. You ready? What’s
the thumb test tell us? Chef Roman: (thumbs down) Nick: Okay, let me taste it to see what we
gotta add to fix it. Yeah, it’s kind of neutral. I think as an adult I kind of like
it. I can see how you as Chef Roman, at age 6, that you’d have some issue with it. I
think we should add fig, and don’t you like strawberry? Chef Roman: Maybe more strawberry! Nick: Okay. We’re going to add some Slim Blend.
A big scoop of Slim Blend protein, and a little bit of Stem Cell Strong. Stem Cell Strong
is high in medicinal mushrooms, beta-glucan, activated barley. It’s very nutritious and
it helps stimulate your body’s own stem cell production and rejuvenation. So with
Slim Blend protein you’ve got a complete meal. So let’s do a quick blend on that.
Let’s add a little more ice. Okay. What do you think? Let’s find out. Okay, we’re going
to pour it here! Chef Roman: It smells really good! smells
really good! Nick: Oaky, it adds some thickness because
of the added fiber and vitamins and minerals, and nutrients. Before you mix it, drink it.
Tell me what you think. Thumbs…? It passed the test! Okay, everyone. wow. That’s intense.
That’s good. This is Dr. Nick and Chef Roman, on Simply Healthy TV giving you the latest
in health and lifestyle medicine. This is the way to go everyone. Your kids will enjoy
it as well. Have a good day. Bye-bye. Chef Roman: Can we do a little bit of more
in there? Nick: You want more? Okay.

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