Khajoor Ladoo Recipe – Dry Fruits And Khajoor Laddoo – Palm sweet laddoo

Namaskar, Welcome to Today we will make khajoor ladoo. These Ladoos are very nutritious and very delicious. Khajoor contains glucose, potassium and other vitamins which are very necessary for health. Let us see what all do we require to prepare Khajoor Ke Ladoo. Washed and dried Khajoor (date palms) – 1 cup. Pieces of coconut – 1/2 cup. Ghee – 2 tbsp. Cardamom – 4. Cashew nuts – 2 tbsp. Almonds – 2 tbsp. Cut Khajoor first and remove the seeds inside it. We have cut the Khajoor now. Also, cut the cashew nuts now. Make 5 to 6 pieces of cashew nuts. Now, we will grind the coconut and almonds. Prepare the powder of almonds. Make a powder of coconut also. Now, we will prepare the paste of dry Khajur with 2 tbsp water in it to make it a fine paste. We have made a coarse paste of Khajoor. Heat the pan and pour ghee in it. Add the paste of Khajoor as soon as the ghee melts. Roast it in mid-flame for 4 to 5 minutes by mixing it constantly. The moisture in it will be removed by roasting it. We are preparing these Ladoos by Khajoor and dry fruits. But, we can also prepare these Ladoos by adding Mawa (dried milk). If we want to prepare these Ladoos with Mawa, we can take 1 cup Khajoor and 1 cup Mawa. You should roast the Mawa once you have roasted Khajoor to prepare these Ladoos. We are not adding sugar in this. But, we should add sugar in it when we are adding Mawa in it. Add 1/4 cup powdered sugar in Mawa since it doesn’t have a taste of its own. We will add dry-fruits in Khajoor to reduce its sweetness. The paste of Khajoor is roasted and is ready. Add coconut powder in it now. Also add cashew nuts and powdered cardamom seeds in it. Mix all the things nicely. Take out the mixture on a plate now. Add almond powder in it and mix it properly. The mixture has cooled down and we can prepare Ladoos from it now. Apply a small amount of ghee on your fingers. Pick up a small amount of mixture. We can prepare Ladoos of any size according to our choice. Here we are preparing small Ladoos, so that children can eat it easily. Make a sphere of the mixture with your hands. Khajoor Ke Ladoo is now ready. These Ladoos when eaten give you a lot of energy and you will feel active after eating it. Eat 1 to 2 ladoo daily and give these to your kids also. These can be eaten for 1 month. If you are adding Mawa in it, then you will have to consume these Ladoos in 12 to 15 days. Prepare and enjoy these Khajoor Ke Ladoos and share your experiences with us. Let us meet again at

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