Kenya Miners Part 2: Crushing, grinding the ore, and sluicing gold the traditional African way

This is a man who came up from the underground with a sack of ore and this is there jaw crusher in Kenya He is crushing it down, you see the gravel size he is crushing it down to and this will go directly into the ball mill and this is all by hand with a hammer and than he will take it over here to the ball mill, she is putting her ore in couple two or three sacks go into the ball mill over here this is where, the ore comes up damp and they dry the ore on these tarps because it needs to be dry to go into the ball mill This women over here I think is drying her ore They may wait two or three days to run there material and the women have a little pit over here this women is carrying a small child on her back these women are not allowed to go underground So, they haft to scavenge the dump piles on the surface and they are working together and they have put it in these sacks than they will take it over to the ball mill to crush it and than sluice it The women really scavenge what they can from the surface This guy just started up his ball mill Here is his clutch tightens up the belt and engages the ball mill That’s how they start and stop the ball mill with that stick as there clutch Hot I bet, yeah he wants it finer we are going to run more I see, he is putting his screen on so that the balls stay in He has a wedge and this guy is his ore The guy in the green shirt is the operator He is going engage and disengage the clutch so it drops ore out of the bottom That’s how they empty the ball mill This is the material that comes out the bottom of the ball mill it does a pretty good job at crushing, maybe 20mesh 20 mesh minus with a little few bigger pieces Currently what they do after it comes out of the ball mill they take it over to one of there locally made sluices like this women is using right here and they wash the material with a bucket down the sluice. The sluice looks like it has nothing other than some carpet no ripples, no expanded metals They are loosing a lot of gold, you can see the tailing piles all around them We are going to re-run all the tailings on the shaker table and recover more gold

17 thoughts on “Kenya Miners Part 2: Crushing, grinding the ore, and sluicing gold the traditional African way

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  • Hey, I thought I recognised your voice! Your the fella from the U-tube MBMM vids, what the Hell Ya doing in Africa?
    Oh yeah, did AGC buy any of your crushing gear for the system they are putting into Burkina Faso or Peru?
    Can’t make out if it’s yours, MBMM or Chinese, I think its Chinese RUBBISH! / JUNK!

  • Yeah, I tried calling you Jase at MBMM at about 4:47 Pm your time and I just got the message twice. I can email but would rather call. When are you back in Africa, or are you done for now? thanks. Dean.

  • very cool vid I hope theirs a part 3 and we get to see how much gold their losing with that sluice and what the shaker table catches thanks for sharing with us

  • One of the most fascinating mining vids I've seen. Are they using a surfactant in their water at least? Or do those sluice mats have mercury in them? Looking forward to seeing what your shaker gets out of those tailings! I'd love to go visit and help an operation like that someday.

  • I'm subscribed but put off watching this until now because it appeared a bit boring (low tech etc.). But found it really interesting thanks.

  • Whats the remaining gold content of the waste? Any idea? Its certainly got over 50ppm, im thinking its already crushed suitably to be leached, it may be too expensive for them too buy leaching chemicals BUT, i would think with a little help and knowledge they could synthesise what they need. Wish i knew the composition of the waste heap i could give a direct synthesis for a leach, and reasonably safe

  • You should tell them while they are working so hard to make a living breathing in all that crushed rock is killing them.

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