kenwood food processor multi pro excel review- شرح محظره الطعام كينوود ملتي برو اكسل fpm902

alsalam alicom today we will come to know about one of the kenwood products number one brand in kitchen machine lets go with me it is multi pro exile kenwood food processor 50 function 1300 watts wt is the spical in this machine the body made by stainless steel the bowl also 4 ltr capacity the speeds also 8 speeds and pulse also we have here auto speed the base of the machine is equipped with avibration inhibitor The conveyor shaft is made of metal and reinforced plastic,which is solid and strong it is anti broken The bowl also made of traitin anti broken and non – interacting with foods the blade this blade is characterized and it is faster than any other blade by three trims it can chop a kilo of beef within 30 seconds it is very strong blade the bowl entrance size xxl the biggest size u can put any thing and any size note the chicken and beef if u want chop it you have to cut it small pcs like this You can use this blade to chop every thing meet,beef,vegetables,nuts ,and every thing similar safety If you have lees quantity of any thing and you want to chop it specially the onions and garlic it is always keeps smell inside the bowl But kenwood has made a small bowl 2 lts capacity for that and u can use it for every thing this bowl coming with different blade this is the one for theses functions we will use the auto speed we can put our things from here like this and use the machine automatic will work with you also we have here the pulse option this option we can use it if you dont want to chop any this too fine you use it like this now we will see other blades we have here 6 blades is coming with this machine multi pro exile fp902 very strong blades the blades are made of stainless steel material and thickness of 2 ml not bendable 2mm slicind disc we can put it like this we will use for these discs auto speed always 4mm slicing disc 2mm granting disk we can use for salad and cheese and every this similar 4mm granting disk extra fine grater fine julienne disc storage box and spatula dough tool also we will use here the auto speed dual whisk thermoresist blender 1.8 ltr hot and cold glass ice crusher we can use for soub also supplied with a liquid dispenser why this machine name is multi pro exile because it has different speeds for every attachments this place for high speed which is for the blender and grinder and this place for low speed which is for food processor and juicer glass compact chopper not interacting with foods we can open it like this this side made of stainless steel for more save centrifugal juicer will use also auto speed we have aalso citrus juicer this is the one will use it with this bowl will use also the auto speed for that now we complete explaining this product from kenwood after finish using if u forget to off it automatic i will switch off after 30 menuts cleaning we shall know how to clean it we can wash all the attachments inside the dish washer only grinder and blender plastic we have to remove it this multi pro excile coming with 5 years guarantee thanks you for watching me and i hope every one came to know this product good bye

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