Kale Juice Recipe: The Kale-y Mary

Sara Dickerman: “Kale juice on its own is a little dour. You and kind of take it in two
directions. You can add sweetness. People do pineapple and kale juice, it’s actually really yummy — balances out some of the bitterness of the kale and the very ‘greenness’ of it all. Or in this case I decided why not take it in a little more savory direction. What’s everyone’s favorite savory brunch drink — it’s Bloody Mary. So I thought well I could kind of do that same feeling with kale. So I guess a Kaley Mary. There it goes! There are so many names for it — there’s Dino kale, I think because it looks a little like dinosaur skin. I think this one’s a Pink Lady, but anything that’s kind of juicy rather than a starchier apple will work well. And that just adds a lot of juice.” Marcie Sillman: “Because an apple’s juicy.” Dickerman: “Yeah you kind of need that — it lifts the juice a little bit. Grabbing a lime as well.” Sillman: “A lime?” Dickerman: “In this case I do take the skin off because it’s so powerful — it presses the skin so powerfully it can get a little bitter if you leave the skin in. Now I’ve done this juice both with
parsnips and with carrots. Carrots are a little easier to get, but the parsnip lends it a really interesting, slightly sweeter quality too. And it’s good to start with the kale, because as you guess it’s helpful to push down afterwards with something that’s a little juicier. You won’t see so much until you really have got the apples and carrots going in there.” Sillman: “Wow! Essentially I get the impression that you can make any juice combo. You can try anything when it comes to juice and if you don’t like it, just say, ‘oh well!’ It smells fresh!” Dickerman: “A dash more of the hot sauce. Not to make it too hot but just again to give a little brightness, and a little bit more lime which I’ll just squeeze with my hands this time.” Sillman: “Cheers! Yum, I like that. I feel very healthy now. It balances out the chocolate chip cookie that I had for breakfast.”

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