hey guys I just wanted to talk about a
few things one thing I want to say on that this particular time I’m working on
doing a water fast and I see a lot of people take time you know paint sweat
and tears to do a water fast and then they gain all the way back and I just
wanted to give you guys a solution to what you need to do after a water fast
in order to maintain and let the bog bodies settle in the body fact that you
have lost after the water loss the body fact that the body has lost from the
water fast I recommend and I know this from being on fast over ninety days no
solid foods that if you incorporate after the water fast
for an example juicing fresh fruits and vegetables by yourself a juicer this is
not a sponsored video this is just a suggestion I’m not a doctor always
consult your doctor about any regiment or Diamont diet you stock but I suggest
that you feed the body because this is not even a juice fast that’s what they
call it it’s basically in juice feast it’s a form of eating but it’s in a
liquid form and I think you should give the body the nutrients it needs
after water fast same you do a seven day water fast you lose 14 pounds you can
ultimately keep that 14 pounds off even if seven of those pounds of water pounds
you can ultimately like I said keep that 14 pounds off because seven pounds of it
save its body fat that will stay off and people to do a juice fast after this is
the eighth day because to make it a full seven day juice fast you’d have to wait
to the next day to do weigh in to get your
100% results of the water fast but after the eighth day if you incorporated doing
juices which if you didn’t work fast for seven days you would not have a problem
with juicing for say another seven to fourteen days and if you felt as though
you wanted to stop eating to add a salad you know make a salad because you know
that is what you have to eat as a meal of fresh fruits and vegetables and
perhaps protein if you are a person to eat protein if not if you’re vegan you
can eat a salad or something like that something real like you can let the body
rest for a while after the fast by incorporating this juice and eating
fresh fruits and vegetables you know not a lot but at first doing the juice part
of the regimen and then if you miss that you have been chewing for a while and
add a salad and I’m guaranteed that you will definitely keep that save you lost
14 pounds off and your body will regulate to that weight loss and
probably some more weight loss if you follow a juice feast after your water
fasts and basically that will be the beginning to your weight loss journey if
that’s what you’re looking to do is to lose weight so keep that in mind so
please subscribe to the channel like and share this video and I don’t want to
make it long so I’ll see you guys in the next video

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