Jus en Folie – Recette du Houmous à l’Extracteur de Jus! – Hummus Recipe w/ Juice Extractor!

Hello Everybody! Welcome for a new video of Jus en Folie Welcome under the Sun of St Martin 🙂 Welcome to Amandyn who’s gonna show us a new recipe made with your Extractor: the Houmous! Hello Laureen! Hello Amandyn! Why make a Houmous with the Extractor? To be able to store it In Fact with the slow motion squeezing It will not get oxydated Then you will be able to keep it 5 or 6 days in the fridge while keeping the nutrients and the taste! Opposite to the Blender or your Kitchen robot then you will need to eat right away or at least the same day Ok!Good! What do we need for this recipe? For the Hummus recipe We will need 1.25 cups (200gr) of cooked chickpeas with 1 garlic clove 2 big spoons of sesame purée 4 big spoons of sesame oil 2 small spoons of soy sauce that I use to salt the recipe but you can use sea salt as well and at last the juice of 1 lemon I did the lemon juice with the extractor with the juicing device (lemon without skin) And for the Hummus recipe I change and put the crushing device Perfect, now let’s go! Turn on the Extractor We starting by putting the chickpeas and the garlic clove Laureen would you like to tell us more about chickpeas? Yes the chick peas is full of benefits it helps reducing the bad cholesterol it helps improving the memory What else? It will accelerate and improve the intestinal transit and help avoiding anemia It’s very rich in fibers and fatty acid voila! you can turn off the Extractor Nice chickpeas purée! Then we will be adding up the rest of the ingredients The sesame purée named as well tahini The sesame oil Voila! The lemon juice and at last the soy sauce Thank you Laureen! Now we mixing Depending on the desired texture you can add up a little water Here I will add up a bit of water It will be creamier and more tasty too 🙂 voila! And for the presentation you could use a little glass jar In our case we using a martini glass as you can see We gonna add a little olive oil and a little parsley touch! Voila! Your Hummus is ready! It’s been done in only a few seconds True so quick and easy! Laureen would you like to try our Hummus? Awesomeness! I love it! Thank you so much for watching our video and we keep in touch for our next recipe! Thank you and see you soon!

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