Juicing with Green Star Elite, 2nd time ever!

hello let me introduce to you my wonderful near green star elite juicer and this is also introduction for myself as I just got the machine yesterday and I just made one test juice a couple of minutes ago and it was delicious so let’s see how it works I’m gonna put in celery sticks and carrots and beet root and some leftover apples that my kids hadn’t finished always good to take advantage of those so they’ll go to waste so let’s start I at wash these of course and peel the carrots so something delicious looking is already coming out looks my apples easily stay there rolling so then I use something harder to push them push them through looks so pretty and I can use the wooden stick to reach better I’m to cause trouble so the plastic one can get all the way through but the good one can and it doesn’t turn the wheels yes so now we have everything this is also quite beautiful looking it’s pretty dry so probably don’t need to use it and it to anything special you can just compost it refuse it for hiking bread ooh nice foam see where my glass looks very very pretty ah let’s mix it a bit beautiful so this became one whole glass I had two small bedroom with feet root at two carrots and a couple of celery sticks and like and half an apple always so let’s taste it mmm very good very very sweet i think it’s the beetroot in this case and remove a load of apple so so nice i’m really recommend choosing you

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