Juicer Reviews – What You Need to Know Buying Guide

Alright! This is John Kohler with discountjuicers.com,
today we have another exciting episode for you, and this one’s actually very important
to me, actually I’ve been thinking about doing a video like this for a while, and I
finally just figured “Hey, today is the day.” I’m going to make you guys a video
to talk about juicer reviews and what you need to know about juicer reviews that are
appearing online. So if you go to your favorite web search and you then type in “juicer
reviews,” you’re going to find a whole bunch of websites that have juicer reviews,
and you know I’ve gone to some of them, I’ve read some of the reviews, and unfortunately
to me, a lot of the information in my opinion is misinformation. And one of the things that
I want to put out there is that I want to stop the spread of misinformation in this
marketing age, right? I just want people to have the truth so that they can make up their
own decisions when purchasing a juicer or making any decision in their lives. You know,
we’re not given the truth in so many situations in our lives in these days, and my mission
as the owner of discountjuicers.com is bring you guys the truth about juicers, and not
only just to bring you and tell you what my opinion is, but I back up my words with showing
it to you, which I can’t make up showing you stuff when I’m juicing in my juicers.
So in any case, let’s get into some of the top things that you want to look for and be
aware of when you’re reading, or even watching some videos on juicer reviews, okay?
Number one, one of the things I’ve noticed is that many juicer reviews are quite old
and outdated. Imagine if you’re searching for an IPhone and this is currently the year
2015, and you’re searching for “best IPhone,” and you go to a website and they’re talking
about “The IPhone 4 man it’s the best IPhone out there,” and all this stuff. But
you don’t see the date that it was written. Well, we know the IPhone 4 is outdated man,
they got the IPhone 5 and the IPhone 6, and now the IPhone 7’s coming out. So in many
juicer reviews, online websites, there’s a lot of old information, and as new IPhone
or new cell phones come out, they get better and better, as do the juicers, right? So the
best way to stay on top of the new juicers coming out in my opinion, because I haven’t
really seen it anywhere else is to subscribe to these YouTube channels you guys are watching.
I go to different trade shows every year and cover the latest and greatest new products
coming out, and as soon as they’re out or even before they’re out, I get samples that
I get to do testing and share with you guys the results so you guys will know all the
new stuff coming out so you’re always up to date on what is happening in the juicer
industry, right? Very important. So another challenge I see with many online
reviews is that they have a limited scope, right? So if you have an IPhone you could
check out just one or two of the apps, but there’s a whole iOS operating system with
many different apps that can be reviewed, and an overall picture of how the iPhone or
cell phone works, and the same thing with juicers, you know, you would think “Oh yeah,
juicers are pretty easy you just take some produce, put it in there and the juice comes
out.” But there’s a lot of little intricate things that you may need to know about juicers,
and that if you know or don’t know, you can get very different results, so for example
many of these juicers on the table, if you follow certain procedures when juicing in
these juicers, they’re going to work great for you, right? And if you don’t do some
of these procedures, then the juicer’s going to be the biggest pain in the ass that you’ve
ever experienced, and unfortunately I haven’t seen many other reviewers talk about getting
into fine specifics or into detail with some of the reviews. They might try to sum up their
review of a juicer in one paragraph, and for those of you guys that already watch me, you
guys know I can’t do that because life is not simple, right? Life simply not taking
the purple pill to get it up or to whatever to have the magic cure, the magic pill right?
Life is much more complex and as is the juicers. And I don’t just want to give you “Oh
buy this juicer it’s the best,” because that would be negligent on my part, and unfortunately
that’s what many places do, right? Everybody has different needs and different wants, different
desires, different things they’re going to juice when they buy a juicer, and my goal
is to fit you guys with the right juicer much like when I was a kid we’d go into the shoe
store, and the shoe salesman would actually fit me with a shoe he’d feel my foot and
tell me to walk around and all this kind of stuff, measure my foot, and he’d fit me
with the right shoe, I’m going to fit you guys with the right juicer. Unfortunately
many websites just want to tell you a juicer right? It’s much more important to me that
you guys get the right juicer that you guys will stick to and live on a healthy juicing
lifestyle, than me just selling you a juicer. That being said, if you do like my work and
do want to support the work that I’m doing making these videos, I would encourage you
guys to support me and make your purchase at discountjuicers.com, because that lets
me continue to do the work, and if people stop purchasing juicers from me then I’ll
no longer be able to make these videos to share with you guys how the juicer works and
some of the best ones out there at this time based on my testing.
So another challenge I see with many juicer reviews online is that they are made through
and derived solely from affiliate links, so many of the different review sites basically
will rate their juicers based on that they’re going to get a kickback from selling the juicer
or referring you to a different website that sells the juicer, right? You can’t trust
these in my opinion because the person that owns the website wants you to buy the juicer
that they’re telling you so that they get their kickback and they make some money from
you right? That’s not necessarily the best thing to follow in my opinion, and that’s
why I sell all major brands of juicers, and I constantly go out and seek new and better
varieties of juicers, and I only sell certain brands, I don’t sell all the ones in the
world because I know some of those are just sub-par, and I’m not going to waste my time
selling sub-par garbage. I mean if you want sub-par garbage you can go to some of those
other big box sites and get some cheap inexpensive juicer that’s going to work for 30, 90 days
and then the warranty’s going to run out and it’s going to break down on you right?
I’m into the juicing business and for juicing for the long haul. I’ve been living this
lifestyle where I juice practically almost every day for the last 20 years. So I really
truly live this lifestyle, and I know that if you live this lifestyle like I do, you
will feel better, you will lose weight, and you’ll get healthier because of it. Because
I’ve proven that to myself already. Another challenge I see with online juicer
reviews is that there’s a lot of inaccurate information. This kind of bothers me a lot,
just inaccurate information. I always try to bring truth to advertising and manufacturers
will say a lot of stuff and the word “best” is often overused. “Our juicer is the best,”
“This is the best juicer,” and every manufacturer will always try to sell their juicer. And
I can’t really blame them for doing that because that’s their job. They want to sell
their juicer, right? My job is to sell you the best juicer that’s going to be the best
for you, and I don’t care if it comes from Tribest, I don’t care if it comes from Omega,
I don’t care if it comes from Champion, right? I want you guys to be fit with the
right juicer that you’re going to use and get results from from a consistent basis.
And the information that I show in my videos is based on my real-world experience of using
juicers almost every day of my life for juicing many different things, right? A lot of juicer
reviews, I don’t know how much experience they have writing reviews or using juicers,
but to me it’s evident that many people writing juicer reviews don’t have a lot
of experience because they’re missing some key components and they’re kind of just
repeating another website or other reviews that are out there. So this also bothers me
a lot. So another challenge I see with juicer reviews
is that the person making the review may not be a so-called expert or somebody that’s
really doing this on a day to day basis. Now yes, there are a handful of people that are
actually making good juicer reviews and I would consider myself one of them and maybe
leading the pack. But there’s also many other people that think that they could just
make a juicer review and they know it all because they own two juicers and all this
kind of stuff. And while I respect everybody’s opinion on things out there, I really try
to get into the nitty gritty bones of the detail and besides just doing things like
yield I also try to talk about customer service, on how the backend customer service are on
some of the companies. I take surveys all the time of my customers on how Tribest is
treating you, how Kuvings is treating you, how Omega is treating you out there, so I
have feedback on a lot of different levels, not only yield, not only performance, not
only durability, but also from customer service aspects and a whole bunch of different levels
that are very important to ensure you’re going to get a finely-tuned juicer that’s
going to work well for a long period of time. So it really takes an expert to know this
and be engrained in this and not just a reporter that is reporting on juicers. There are many
reporters that have interviewed me, and in my opinion have made poor reviews that they
write up that I then later see, although there was one reporter that actually did a phenomenal
job, and so I commend him on his work. But for the most part, most reporters get it wrong.
And I think that’s quite sad to say, but then also then people read these reports or
reviews, and then they’ll get misinformation and then they’ll end up with a juicer that
does not serve them the best, which in the end makes me kind of sad.
Another challenge I see with many online reviews is that they’re based not on actual testing
of the machine personally by the person doing the review, but they can be based on popular
opinion. Popular opinion is sometimes good, but it’s also bad. I mean, if you have only
experience with the Breville and you’ve never experienced the other machines and know
how they work to compare that to the Breville, that’s a very limited scope, so you might
think the Breville’s great, but you’ve never used any of the other juicers on the
table, right? I can guarantee you that I’ve probably used more juicers than anybody on
the planet, I mean I’m looking at a shelf full of 20 juicers, I have over 30 juicers
in the house. So I really try to bring you guys the depth of knowledge and my full experience
and expertise about the juicers in the videos. So this is a lot more than just the popular
opinion on if certain customers thought the juicer was good or not. Yes I take that into
consideration too based on customer feedback which I do get a lot of, I want to thank everybody
for giving me the customer feedback, because I know which juicer is the best based on my
customers, but then also I have my own opinions that I’ve formed as well.
So those are some of my opinions on some of the things you should look out for when reading
or watching online juicer reviews, now I want to get into some facts about me and my juicer
use and my company and all this kind of stuff. Number one, I want to say straight up, I don’t
play any favorites right? I don’t play any favorites, right? My favorites are based on
a few things: number one, performance, number two, reliability; number three, things like
warranty; number four, things like service. And my favorites are the juicers that I feel
are the best that have done the best for me, that’ll provide you with the least amount
of headaches, because I know nobody wants headaches, nobody wants a machine that’s
constantly breaking down, right? And while I do go and have relationships with many of
the different companies and filmed videos at their headquarters in many instances, I
don’t play any favorites, right? I want you guys to get the best juicer for you and
sometimes Omega makes that juicer, and sometimes Tribest makes that juicer, right? And I don’t
really care whose juicer you buy, I just want to make sure you get the right one, because
the right juicer for you may not be the right one for me, but through all my videos, and
I have nearly 500 videos now on this YouTube channel, I go over all the different juicers
that are out there, and I don’t know anybody else in the entire world that has gone to
this level of investment in a few things like time, money, resources, and energy to do this
for you guys, right? And all that I ask is that you get a juicer, you get the right one,
you do you research, you watch some of my videos, you don’t just say “John, what’s
the best juicer to buy,” and you buy it right? Get to know and learn about the juicers,
and watch my videos, they’re super-important to watch. I know some people don’t have
time in this busy day and age, but there’s no other thing that’s more important in
your life in my opinion than your health. I mean I got into juicing because I almost
lost my life over 20 years ago, right? I was in the hospital, doctor said “You might
not make it out alive,” so that’s a place I never want to be, so that’s why I got
into juicing, so I could turn my health around and I could say it was probably the number
one thing that I have done in my life to turn my health around and I believe that every
American, every person on the earth should be incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable
juices in their diet to be healthier. It’s funny, one of the things I’ve known to do
is actually piss off some of the manufacturers that I represent, because I kind of, if you
guys watch some of my videos, you guys know I just kind of say what’s on my mind, sometimes
it’s maybe not the best thing to do in the world, but I just tell it like I see it, right?
I’m not really tied to any manufacturer and I’ll say “Hey, if you guys don’t
make a good juicer, I’ll show it,” right? So my goal is showing you that it’s not
the best juicer, this is to the manufacturers, it’s so that you guys can improve and not
just then badmouth me or say “John, take your video down,” like manufacturers have
done to me in the past because they don’t want it out there that they have a defective
model or a poor design, right? That’s not my goal. My goal is not to take the video
down, my goal is to allow them to improve what they’re doing, right? And many manufacturers
embrace me, and many manufacturers maybe don’t like me. And I don’t really care if a manufacturer
likes me or hates me, but what they do need to know is that I am quite necessary because
I am literally the voice of juicers online. I have the most juicing videos, I’ve been
watched the most out of anybody doing this, and basically I’m glad I could fill this
role to get juicing out to the world. I mean I want to give a hats off to Jay Kordich the
Juice Man, who got me back into juicing back in the 1990s. I saw this infomercial on TV,
he’s the granddaddy of juicing because my parents got me actually into juicing when
I was a kid, but Jay Kordich really got me in gear and fired me up to get me on juicing
today and now I’m glad that I could carry the torch to bring juicing to everybody out
there watching my YouTube videos, because it is so important. If you’re not going
to do anything else to better your health, start juicing, you will get healthier because
of it. Another thing that’s a fact about me is
I’m independent, right? I’m not connected with any companies, I’m my own company,
I’m my own person, I’m my own business where I distribute all major brands of the
juicers. So once again, I don’t play favorites, and I’m independent and not hired by any
company. I’ve never taken money from any company to do any kind of infomercial or been
paid off to make a video or anything like that. Another fact about me that you might
want to know is that I use juicers almost every day. If I’m traveling then I’m probably
not using juicers, but at home, most of the time I juice at least once a day. Like for
example this morning, I had pineapple orange juice, which was delicious. Yesterday I [inaudible]
juice bell peppers for my evening soup meal which was also amazing. But I use these machines
on an everyday basis, so I have an intricate knowledge and know-how because basically the
more experience you have with doing something the better you’re going to be, and the more
you’re going to be knowing about it, right? If you’re an auto mechanic and you work
on cars every day, you could probably fix a car with your eyes shut, but if you barely
ever change your oil, you don’t really know about it, right? So my life is engrained with
juicing, unlike many other people that may be writing reviews and doing online articles
about juicers, and I have so many different types of juices I always like to choose the
best juicer for the task at hand for whatever I’m juicing.
Another fact about me is that I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle and including juicing
in my life now for the last 20 years, and I want to let you guys know that it does work,
so this is a long time to have experience using the juicers, right? Many people that
may write juicer reviews may have been doing it for a month or two months. They might have
got excited because they saw the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” which I would recommend
you guys watch if you guys haven’t, and then they got into juicing and then they made
a website to make juicer reviews, right? But they got a couple of months or a year or two
experience, well I think that’s great that they’re doing that, but my experience goes
back 20 years right? And there’s no substitute for experience in my opinion. But yeah, so
I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and all my recommendations that I make for you guys
are based on my knowledge and experience of not only the juicers but also the different
things you should juice, the recipes that you might want to put together, and that’s
also what I share in my videos when I make some of the different recipes that I do.
Another fact about me is that I actually have visited factories that make the juicers. There’s
no other person that I know on Earth that makes juicer reviews that have actually visited
several different factories when I was over in Korea and made videos at the factories
to check out how the juicers are made and to really learn about the juicers, not only
how they work but also how they’re made, and the sustainability of the companies that
are manufacturing them right? And I have videos on these topics, right? And so I really try
to know everything I can about the juicers, not just how they work, but how they’re
made, the BPA free plastic that they’re made out of or not, and all this kind of stuff,
right? So that’s also very important to me that it’s not just about that final end
product and selling you something, but it’s about the whole process and hopefully the
company is more sustainable than not, because I always in my personal life want to encourage
and support more sustainable [inaudible] companies than ones that are polluting, destroying and
messing up the beautiful Earth we live on. Another fact about me is that I attend trade
shows annually, several trade shows annually actually to keep up to date with all the different
juicers and health appliances that will allow you to eat more fruits and vegetables coming
out, and I do make videos, so I have videos in the past going to different trade shows
and showing some of the new and latest products coming out. And there’s nobody else that
gives you the coverage on these trade shows with the scope of the juicers and other appliances
that will allow you to eat more fruits and vegetables like I am, right? There’s nobody
else doing this. There’s nobody else that’s staying on the cutting edge to know everything
they can know about this topic like I am, right? And it’s really important to me to
let you guys know what’s coming out, because this may change your purchase decision, like
if you want to hold out for the next new model coming out, right? And at present time, most
of the manufacturers actually don’t have anything significantly new and different coming
out at this time, I’m happy to say. Another fact about me is that I’m not only
reviewing juicers, but I’ve also done consulting with many different manufacturers on how to
improve their products. Because besides just using the products, selling the products,
knowing the products inside and out, while I never went to school for engineering, I
kind of have an analytical mind and very pragmatic, right? And I make many suggestions on how
the juicer can be improved and how even something as simple as the NC 800 can be improved by
making a few small changes to it or including some extra items with it and whatnot, and
many times the manufacturers, depending on the manufacturers, will take my suggestions
and turn them into reality, and unfortunately many times they won’t. But my opinions are
highly valued and respected by the manufacturers, and I don’t know any other juicer reviewer
that gets to basically consult with companies before products come out to maybe change the
course and scope of the design of them to give a better customer experience. One of
the things I told one of my manufacturers once is that, I told them straight to their
face, the president of the company, he kind of like laughed and maybe sneered at me when
I said this, I said “You know, while I don’t necessarily like your products, and while
I don’t see myself as a juicer salesman, I see myself as a consumer advocate and I
don’t play any brand favorites, and I like the juicer that’s going to work the best
that I would choose to use in my very kitchen right?” Because after all, I’m just a
customer, right? As much as you guys think I’m trying to sell juicers and show you
guys the different juicers right? I use the juicers every day right? I’m my biggest
fan, believe it or not, because I use the juicers so I test them all so I know which
ones work the best, and then I choose the ones that I’m going to use in my kitchen
based on my testing, right? Plus I do a lot of testing that never gets filmed in my kitchen.
And you know, so I’m my biggest fan right, and so I see myself as consumer advocate and
always able to try to better the juicing industry as a whole right, because the fact of the
matter is clear, most Americans simply do not own a juicer, right? Everybody owns a
refrigerator for the most part, everybody owns a stove, a lot of people own microwaves,
maybe even more than one, but not many people own juicers, and I think this really needs
to change in our society to basically turn our society around, right? To be live from
a sick care society to a preventative care society, and the juicer in my opinion is the
number one appliance to start turning your health around faster than your microwave,
for example. I think the final fact that I want to share
with you guys about me is that I don’t just do a lot of talking, right? My videos, and
while some of them yes are quite long, right? I back up my talk or my words with showing
you guys, right? I’ve always been a man of action, and if a girl tells me “Hey John,
blah, blah, blah,” or whatever, because I had an ex-girlfriend that used to make a
whole lot of erroneous things that weren’t accurate to me. Talk is cheap I’ve always
said, but show me, right? Show me you love me instead of tell me you love me, it means
a lot more and I know some of you guys get this and some of you guys don’t, but I don’t
just tell you anything, right? I back up my words with showing you guys in a video on
how the juicer works, how it extracts the juice, some of the challenges it may have,
and all this kind of stuff, and I mean you can debate, you know, when I’m showing you
guys something you can debate or, you know especially other reviews of when somebody’s
telling you something. And of course I’ve only human, I’m not perfect, and I have
my personal favorite juicers for a multitude of reasons, but I want you guys to know this
that if I do recommend a juicer for you, nine times out of ten if I have a full story on
your specific needs, your specific purpose, I will get you guys the right juicer. It’s
very rare that I recommend an improper juicer or somebody. And I want to encourage and empower
the consumers out there, if you guys are shopping for a juicer to watch my videos, because when
you guys watch my videos you’ll become empowered to know as much as I know about juicing because
I share my knowledge about juicers in my videos, so that you guys can make an informed purchase
of a juicer. I mean I simply wish that there were videos on every different item in the
world as in depth as my videos on juicers. You know if I’m going to go buy a router
for my Wi-Fi at home, I wish they had videos breaking down every different Wi-Fi router
and going over the pros and cons and comparing them so that I can get the best one, right?
And I do this for the juicers and maybe some blenders and some dehydrators, but not much
else, right? But if people have more knowledge and more accurate knowledge from people that
are just trying to spread good information to make a change in the world, I think the
world would be a much better place in the end, because in this society that’s all
about marketing and selling and “This is the best, that’s the worst,” and all this
stuff and “Our product’s good, your product’s bad,” every product has its pros and cons,
right? And that’s mainly my goal to show, you know? If you want to juice greens, one
of the juicers that you never want to buy for greens is the Breville Juice Fountain,
right? But many websites will rate the Breville Juice Fountain as a top juicer, but it’s
rated a top juicer but you buy it for greens, and it does poorly and you’re like “This
is a terrible juicer.” Well once again right, that’s what I try to show in my videos,
right? I just try to show you guys real world examples of what’s going to happen when
you use the juicers. And I mean that’s pretty much it I think
for this episode, I could get into how some of these different juicers work, because I
have different ones on the table and maybe I’ll do that real quick for you guys, I
mean I want to encourage you guys to just check out my other videos, there’s all different
kinds of juicers on the market, and I’m going to go over them real quick. This is
called the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, it’s a centripetal ejection style machine,
it’s a very popular machine, usually rated very high on a lot of independent websites.
If you’re a chef and you’re not into really knowing, in the know about juicers, you’re
going to rate this one pretty high. To me, I mean every juicer has its pros and cons,
but this one has a lot of cons in my opinion. You can check some of my past videos for videos
I did comparing the Breville to some of these other machines. So this works on a method
of centripetal ejection, so you put the produce in there, it’s shredded up, micro shredded,
the juice is kicked out the screen comes out the front and the pulp comes out the back.
Next we got the Champion juicer, now this thing has been made since the 1950s, still
made in America, one of the only juicers still made in America, and this is a masticating
juicer. So this is a true masticating juicer, many companies will say, like Omega they have
masticating juicers, but I think they’re lying to you, they don’t really have a masticating
juicer, they just say that because they don’t really define what their juicer is. So a masticating
juicer is like this, this is a blade with teeth that runs at a high, fast RPM, and basically
this then chews up and grinds up the produce that you’re putting into it. And basically
when it grinds it up, it extracts juice which comes out the bottom of the juicer, and the
pulp comes out the front. So this is a true masticating juicer. Now it does run at some
speed, and it does tend to oxidize some of the juice and turn it a little bit darker,
plus it can get quite warm when juicing. Although there are plenty of people that have Champions,
[inaudible] for 50 years that love them. So I’m not going to say anything about that,
all I’m going to say is that juicing technology has improved greatly since the time the Champion
come out, and that something like the Omega NC 800 I have here.
So while Omega would call this a masticating juicer, I don’t think that’s completely
accurate, and many websites will let you know that these are masticating juicers, I would
say that’s incorrect because that’s a masticating juicer you guys saw the blade?
There’s no blade on this, this is just a slow-running auger that runs at approximately
80 revolutions per minute, and basically put the food in here and it crushes and squeezes
and compresses the juice out of it so as the produce is coming in, it just literally crushed
and squeezed and the juice is expelled out stage number one here the holes in the screen,
and stage number two right here so it’s a much slower process. So this to me is not
masticating, it’s not extracting by chewing like the Champion, it’s extracting with
more of a cold pressing method where it’s just crushing and squeezing out all the juice
in the Omega NC 800. Now basically one of the next revolutions
in juicers was this design, this is the Tribest Slowstar, one of my favorite vertical single
auger juicers, the NC 800 is horizontal single auger juicer. So this one takes a lot less
counter space than this guy, which you can see is actually quite large. This is taller
instead of longer, and this works pretty much the same way, we have that same auger right
here, but instead of running horizontally, it’s running vertically, so you can put
produce in here and there’s two little dual blades that help you chopping when you put
the produce in, and the produce is basically crushed and squeezed down, and the juice then
comes out the juicing screen here and has an automatic wiping blade to keep the screen
clean and to extract the most yield. And it’s this kind of juicer that I like the most because
it’s a lot easier to use than this machine where you need to actually use the pusher.
With the Tribest Slowstar actually you’re not supposed to use the pusher to push produce
into the machine, and then it’s just going to work fabulous for you. So yeah the vertical
juicers are my favorite juicer style on the market at this time.
Now the last kind of juicer on the table right here, this is known as the Green Star Elite.
So the Green Star Elite, that’s a totally different kind of beast right here, and this
is known as a twin gear juicer. So I like to classify juicers, there’s many ways to
classify juicers, right? I would consider these guys fast or higher speed juicers that
are over several thousand RPMs, and these are the low-speed juicers. So my personal
favorites are always the low-speed juicers. In testing I’ve seen, a low speed juicer
can have up to 50 percent more cancer-fighting ability than juicers made with a high-speed
juicer, or even a blender you know? For me, I’m juicing for the health benefits specifically,
because I almost lost my life, and hopefully that’s one of the reasons why you’re doing
this. I mean that’s another reason why I make these videos for you guys, to make the
world a healthier place. I don’t know what people’s motivations are for writing online
reviews about juicers or whatever, like yeah, while I do and would like to sell you a juicer
because I do need to be able to make a living to be able to continue to make these videos
for you, so if you are considering purchasing a juicer, please visit me at discountjuicers.com
to support my work by purchasing a juicer with me, we do have a price match policy,
but my goal is to just get people juicing over all else, right? Super-important. But
yeah, this one works on a twin gear system, and the twin gears basically put produce in
between here and it’s like two gears running around inside your car’s transmission. And
this extracts at a low speed, so the low speed extraction will always produce a higher quality
juice with more nutrition than something done at a high speed, and this is just evidenced
by looking at the juice once its created, so I did a recent video where I compared the
Breville Juice Foutain Elite and the Slowstar juicing tomatoes, and the tomato juice that
came out the Breville Juice Fountain Elite looked very not good and disoriented[?] and
ugly, and the juice that came out of the Slowstar, it really looked nice and dark red and delicious,
and even more so I took the pulp out of the Breville and put it back through the Slowstar
and the Slowstar was able to extract juice out of the pulp the Breville kicked out that
was not able to extract juice from, right? I mean this is why I got into juicing for
my health, this is why I share and educate people about juicing so that you guys can
get healthier, because I’ve learned that money is not the most important thing in life,
and I want you guys, I mean if you guys are stockbrokers and real estate people and make
a lot of money, right, hopefully this has a small impact on you that you know, we need
to stop living our lives on the focus of just trying to make money, because it’s not about
money. It’s about quality of life, number one, quality of your health because without
your health you can’t enjoy your life, I know plenty of rich people that are in wheel
chairs that have a lot of money that are sick that have had triple bypass surgeries that
could be at the end of their life because they did not respect their health, they did
not take time put it into their health, right? And they’re losing it all. I mean the other
thing that I’ve learned that’s super-important and that’s super-valuable in life is time.
That’s one thing that’s more important than money is the time that you have on this
earth, and in my opinion by juicing and by including more fruits and vegetables, you’ll
increase the amount of time and you’ll increase the quality of time that you have, and by
using some of the slow juicers, you’re going to have the highest quality juice with the
most nutrition, which is going to basically get you the most benefits. And I don’t know
of anybody else that’s really talking about all this kind of stuff. But if you’re looking
for the juicer that gets you the most nutrients hands-down, I have seen studies on this, it’s
simply the Green Star Elite. I’m not going to tell you it’s the best juice in the world,
I mean there’s pros and cons to every machine, you can watch my videos where I do juice-offs
with the Green Star Elite, the one thing about the Green Star Elite that it’s not so good
on is that it takes a lot to clean it. There’s a lot of nooks and crannies and stuff. But
if you’re willing to go through that, in many cases you’re going to make the highest
quality juice and the highest yield juice. I did a recent test with the Green Star and
the Slowstar, I juiced two and a little bit more, two and a quarter pounds of produce,
and I got a half cup more juice, that’s eight extra ounces of juice when I used the
Green Star Elite than the Slowstar. So that was simply amazing, and it’s these kind
of facts that I uncover that you’ll never ever read about just on a website when you’re
reading reviews for juicers, right? Because I really get down in there and do the best
I can with testing the juicers and sharing with you guys what I see as I see it, as it
comes. So I guess in the end of this video, I want
you guys to know that the best juicer for you is the juicer that you’re going to use
every day, right? If you don’t use the juicer every day, then I think that’s really sad,
I mean I’d rather you guys get a Breville as much I’m not a big fan of this and use
this every day to get some fresh juices into you, because juices are fresh fruits and fresh
vegetables, and that can make the biggest difference in your life. You know, even though
it doesn’t produce the highest quality juice, even though it has 50 percent less cancer-fighting
abilities, some fresh juice is better than no fresh juice. But I want you guys to invest
the time in your life, and you are worth it, right? Invest an extra ten minutes, 15 minutes.
I could juice, you know if I’m running late out the door to hit my airplane flight, I
could juice in 15 minutes, have this cleaned up and be done and have a juice ready to go
with me. Now yes, I’m a bit more efficient than most people, but easily in a half hour
you could make some juice and be totally done. In most cases it takes me about 15, 20 minutes
to make a juice, and we all could spare another 15 or 20 minutes to increase our health and
increase the amount of time we’ll have and increase the quality of time mostly, most
importantly of all. So hopefully with that you guys enjoyed this
episode, if you did please give me a thumbs up and let me know, and hopefully you’ll
learn what you need to know about juicer reviews, and when buying a juicer, know above all else
I would recommend you guys check in my past episodes, I have nearly 500 episodes now on
all different kinds of juicers and using them over the last five years that I’ve been
making juicer reviews online. Also be sure to support me and my work by making your purchase
at discountjuicers.com. While I do do my videos for fun to show you guys what happens, I do
need to make a living and I do need to keep my lights on, I do need to pay my bills, all
this kind of stuff. So your purchase supports me to be able to continue to do the very important
work I do because simply nobody else is doing it. If you purchase a juicer at a big box
store, you’re purchasing their larger corporation goals which is probably world domination.
My goal is to get people juicing more, and to be able to educate them better and to make
more videos, so that more people can get juicing and derive the health benefits from the juicers
and the juicing because people simply just unfortunately do not know about it in this
day and age. Finally subscribe to my videos to be notified of upcoming episodes that I’ll
have coming out. You never know when I’m going to show up at a trade show or have another
juice-off, I love doing juice-offs to be able to introduce a new juicer to you guys, I think
one of the upcoming episodes I’m going to have is the Green Star Elite versus the Juice
Fountain Elite, and that’s going to be a good head to head fight there. So once again,
my name is John Kohler with discountjuicers.com, be sure to visit discountjuicers.com/youtube
for special promotional offers for YouTube visitors.

13 thoughts on “Juicer Reviews – What You Need to Know Buying Guide

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    I feel like I did my homework properly, with his help and I made the right decision for my needs and within my budget!

    Can't wait to start my new healthy adventure!

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  • We appreciate your modesty John!! That said, you are correct in everything you have said, and I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for posting your videos!!

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