guys what’s up it’s DRE and I’m back by
popular demand with another video today as promised I’m sharing how I make my
juices using a blender in my previous video I shared how to use a juicer but
not everyone has a juicer and depending on your circumstances using a blender
may be quicker and more convenient of a method so yeah if you want to know how
to make juices with your blender stay tuned
also if you’re watching show some love let me know you are here pull up on your
girl in the comments and subscribe for more videos so yeah you’re just gonna
start off by chopping up your fruits and veggies and whatever you know else what
is ginger considered a spice I don’t know but yeah just chop everything up
for this recipe fairly easy this is in the morning so it’s carrots
apples pears ginger and lemon and lime I really like this recipe like I said
especially in the mornings super yummy super sweet with a little bit of
tartness to it so yeah you can use anything that you have in your
refrigerator you know there’s no set you know recipes you can find plenty of
different you know ideas on Pinterest and Instagram so yeah this is what it
looks like when it’s all chopped up you want to make sure that you chop it up
just because you are using a blender and not a juicer so you make sure that
things actually fit so I’m just gonna start by mixing everything together like
I said it’s no set you know way to blend just make sure that you blend everything
and you add water also if you don’t want to use water you can also use coconut
water I think that the coconut water is you know really good hydrating so yeah
you grab your mixing bowl you grab your strainer and your cheesecloth and you
just pour it in there and you squeeze girl it was so easy
people Instagram are asking me like girl you be making I’m Jason guys I make
these juices and they’re so easy now it is a little bit you know time-consuming
blow for for juices and probably take you like 3045 minutes just to make it
just because you are like I had like a small blender cup but if you have a
bigger blender then girl you can probably get this done a lot quicker so
yeah just have your strainer sitting on top of the mixing bowl and squeeze the
you know the stuff inside of the cheesecloth over top of the strainer cuz
you see how they just squared it out on this side you want to make sure that the
strainer is there to catch it all of that that’s left inside you know just
take it out put it off to the side because you can actually use that for
later smoothies or like putting like your garden compost whatever you may
have I just keep going to add water add your vegetables mix it all up let it do
its thing like I said like if you have with a bigger blender then you could
probably get this done a lot quicker but I don’t have one of those at the moment
so yeah I’m just using the little individual cup and just you know keep
doing it so again pour it into the cheesecloth pick that bad boy up and
squeeze and you can just see how it comes out of the cheesecloth through the
strainer so the strainer is there just to catch anything that may you know
kamo and a larger piece and I really like this method just because I think
that it catches more and it’s more of a juice instead of like how it can
sometimes be a little frothy I also like to just run my hands through it just to
make sure that any juice that I missed is able to come
I don’t you see how like all that juice that was just just I was just sitting in
there just needed a quick little mix so yeah last but not least I’m adding my
lumps I don’t know why I didn’t add them to
the blender I’m gonna do that next time but yeah I just got the juice you know I
said Jesus days I’ll see one another she really liking it but yeah so for the
sake of the bowl that I was using it was kind of heavy and if you like anything
like me it can get a little messy so I like to scoop up some of the juice first
this way and then what I’ll do is once you know I put a good amount in it I’ll
then pour the rest in just because I feel like it’s a little less messier for
me just because yeah I’m sometimes problem to make messes with okay but you
know everything just delicious so yeah this is how you make the juices Oh last
part some of this what you do is you basically just take all of the this is
all everything that was inside of the cheesecloth you freeze it user for later
and like I said you can put it in smoothies you can live in soups whatever
the case may be so yeah this is a super easy video how to make juices with just
a blender I’ve put these bad boys in the frigerator and I’m good to go they’re so
freakin delicious so if you have any questions drop it in the comments but
yeah please you

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