Juice cleanse till goal – 1

Hi, guys. I am Emily it is October 20th
2019. There are 71 days left in 2019, and I am doing a cleanse till I hit my goals.
I know it sounds kind of crazy usually it’s like you’re doing it for this long or
for that long, but this time I’m just doing a cleanse until I get there. I actually pulled out my goals for 2019, and I start looking over them. I’ve hit so many. I have so many crossed off of my list, but I have a
couple that I’m so close to getting. Rather than carry them over to 2020, I
want to cross them off and set higher goals. So I was like why not finish 2019
being disciplined and just doing a cleanse until I hit my goals. And a big
why for me this time is I want to hit my goals. The are gonna say why are you doing
this cleanse? I want to hit my goals. And another thing too is its middle of
October. Halloween is right around the corner.
Then it’s Thanksgiving. And we all know before Thanksgiving that
you have friends giving, you have potluck, you have this get-together.
Oh just taste these baked goods that somebody bought you. Oh there’s this to
sample at the grocery store. There’s that to sample at the grocery store. You’re
so overwhelmed by the end of it you’re like how in the world did all that work
that I did in 2019 getting healthy and being fit and fitting in and all the
clothes I want to wear get sabotaged within a month. So let’s
not do that and I’m not gonna go into 2020 like that. I’m going into 2020 being
the best me that I can be. So I am ready to crush my goals for 2019, set
even higher ones, share along the way with you guys,um, and let’s do this.
It’s gonna be fun to see how how many days it takes to get there, and then how
I feel when I’m around holiday temptations . And Halloween, I will be
honest, is going to be a tough one because I love candy. I love it. I’m like a little
kid and I already have candy to pass out for Halloween, and I’m not going to be eating it. I will keep you updated. If anyone wants to join along, I’d love to have company. One
day, a three day, a five day, a 7 day, a 14 day, a juice till you hit your goals, a juice till
you make it… Why not? It’s more fun together. Bye guys.

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