John Grinder: Frames

what I would like you to do is to start with a simple frame, remember I told you yesterday that I think… any time you wanna communicate with some precission with your unconscious begin with the frame the unconscious is not good at focusing on… specific parts of the world is very…is so big, is constantly processing huge amounts of information the partnership would propose that the conscious mind would set frames to focus the power and the intention of the unconscious and then within those frames we can work so, you begin with the frame you say: “Look unconscious, I…” and again, I’ll say it in a certain way you adjust it for your own understanding and your own desires if it were me I would say I’d say: “Look unconscious it’s clear that if you not have a reliable precise communication system conscious-unconscius so, either one of us can ring up either one of us can initiate a communication and we both agreed about what constitute “yeses” and “noes” from you we can do enormously interesting things together and we do and we have but I would like to raise that choice to the level of a realible experience so, whenever I need access I know how to approach you respectfully whenever you want my attention consciously you know how to trigger in focusing on my conscious attention on what it is you want” some frame like that please make that frame happen go ahead and repeat that with your own voice on your own preferred language and adjust it so is more congruent with the way you express yourself what we are doing right now is simply putting a frame directing the frame to the unconscious as a preparation for developing signals at a reliable ok, you presented your fame by internal dialogue by the way, notice a positive use of the internal dialogue don’t throw that sucker away it’s useful, just has to… decontextualized so, you made a frame let me ask this as you made that frame, how many of you felt a change in the bodies sensations which were easily detectable, something changed so, I’m talking to those of you, in fact I think to all of you you made a frame the frame was essentially requested: “Hey, come on let’s get together and make reliable voluntary signals so we can coordinate ourselves with precision on demand that’s what we just did many of you experienced as you made the frame a shift in your body sensations touch the place on your body where they felt most intense and simply say thanks step 1 step 2: say to your unconscious if that was a signal make it go away so it’s available for the next question and if necessary a little bit of physiological shake might facilitate and accelerate departure of the sensation which emerged spontaneously if there’s a.. if it seems to persist too much go: “Hey! how can I talk to you if you are talking all the time so your talking was a sensation you just gave me, thank you” now, we move it so it’s available for a signal to continue the communication a signal that’s constant it’s not signal at all ok, I’ll assume that the sensation has now receded, faded… you are clean to continue and you simply say If the sensation that you gave me during that frame you will use that sensation as a “yes” response in conversations between the two of us please make that happen again” so Vicky, since you did have one did you have different sensations coming out of the new code games? were there body sensations have shifted yes so reactivate on of those and follow one using that in place of the spontaneously occurring one so, all you’ve done now is you touch yourself thanks touch yourself thanks and you simply say “ok, please make it go away so we continue our conversation” presumably it’s failed and now you say: “if the sensation you gave me during the frame is available you will use it as an affirmative “yes” signal in our communication please make it happen again” if and when it happens a second time a touch and a thanks release the touch and we are moving forward

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  • Miss you so much. You paid me one of the highest compliments I've ever received. (This is brilliant.)

  • Why don't you and Bandler put things behind yourselves because you would be Magic in Action together again think about the Acceleration of Learning in your Seminars and workshops with Modern technology in Brain scanning and your combined expertise you could Blow the Mind and restructure learning in New easier ways with quicker results life is too short for dislike it's not meant to be like that Friendship and Knowledge is the way

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