Jaylor 5750 Truckmount TMR Mixer: Deerfield ranks 18th of 8000 Canadian herds

Andy Walner, Dairy Manager, Deerfield Colony of Magrath, Alberta, Canada here. We’re located southwest of Lethbridge, right by the Saint Mary’s river. Here we milk around 90 to 100 cows. We just bought this new Jaylor mixer here in the first part of the year. It’s been working really good for us. We’ve
seen an up in production and more consistency with the cows. With the Jaylor mixer we purchased
a Feed Supervisor program. It helps with our feed tracking, inventory and more accurate
mixing. You always have your cost breakdowns with everything. We do hay, corn silage,
haylage and then we just buy a premix which is, our ration is formulated by a nutritionist out of Medicine Hat. We’ve probably come up on average 2KG since we’ve started feeding with the Jaylor mixer on 1st of January. We run about a four… 4.4 to 4.5 butter fat. with around 40 to 43KG production. We just recently found out we’re second in Alberta for herd management score. And we’re 18th in Canada of over 8,000 herds for herd management score. Consistency has been
a bit of a problem sometimes in the past and now I think, with the new mixer, more consistent mixing it’s… the consistency is definitely a lot better.

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