Jal Jeera Powder recipe Video – Jal Zeera Recipe

Welcome to Nishmadhulika.com When it’s very hot and you drink a glass of jal zeera. It gives you coolness & relaxes you.And also helps you get through any gastric problems. To make fresh jal zeera we use fresh mint leaves, green coriander, lemon juice, black pepper, ginger, black rock salt, etc and grind it finely. Add water, ice-cubes and our jal zeera becomes ready to drink. But, today we will make jal zeera powder. To make jal zeera we will mix the powder and the water and serve with ice cubes. Let’s make jal zeera powder. Ingredients- 20 grams / 4 tsp peppermint powder. 20 grams / 4 tsp roasted cumin. 10 grams /2 tsp black pepper. 15 grams /2 tsp citric acid. 1 tsp/5 grams ginger powder. 1 gram Asafoetida. 4 green cardamom. 3 tsp /15grams black rock salt. 2tsp /20 grams salt. We will mix all the ingredients and our powder will be ready. Add roasted cumin, peppermint powder, black pepper, citric acid, cardamom, black rock salt and salt, Asafoetida and ginger powder. Grind them finely. Our jal zeera powder is ready, sieve it. This is almost 100 gram jal zeera powder. It can make upto 20- 22 glasses. Store them in an air- tight container. Whenever you want to drink it put 1 tsp of jal zeera powder add water and ice- cubes, garnish with raita boondi. You’ll have a very tasty glass of jal zeera ready to drink! Make your Jal zeera powder, use it and enjoy it.
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