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Hi everyone! Welcome to
“Original Video Reviews” I’m the OVR guy And as you can see
we have here a new package As always
we’re going to find out TOGETHER What’s inside and how to use this thing So let’s not waste any time Let me grab the Swiss knife Here is the Swiss knife And we’re going to
Un-package it! Well boys and girls What we have here is a portable blender
by a brand called “Pink Bunny” It’s a compact blender
with a capacity of up to 400 ml That is suitable for preparation of
shakes & juices That are consisted of fruits Vegetables And I also managed to make
a chocolate milk shake So powders also goes well with it The blender came inside a dignified tube shaped
hard cardboard package That also included the following: a USB cable to charge it a user manual in English Several additional notes in Chinese Which I’m not sure exactly
what they mean a parrot shaped knife to slice
the fruits and vegetables That you’ll use to make
your drinks and shakes And a rose shaped sponge
to clean the blender after the use Now let’s take a closer look at the blender: It’s overall weight
is approx. half a kilo It looks like a tiny tube With a diameter of 7 Cm And a height of 24.5 Cm The blade is made from stainless steel
that has four edges And it rotates as a speed of 18,000 rpm It comes in several colors This one is the orange version The blender itself
is consisted of several parts: The base that is made from ABS Has an anti-slip design And is water proof Inside the base hides a 7.4 Volts
built-in rechargeable battery That is charged through
this Micro-USB socket The output of the battery
is 20 Watts 2 Ampere To the base is attached
this transparent body of the blender That is made from
Borosilicate glass And will contain the ingredients
you’ll be using for your shakes and juices At the top of the base
there’s this silicone circle band That is probably intended to prevent
the blended ingredients from leaking So you need to make sure
it’s placed properly The top of the blender
is sealed with a filter and a cap That are both made of Polypropylene You can notice that the cap
has an opening and a handle When the blender works
You must place both of them together You cannot remove the filter
and attach the cap directly to the blender’s body I didn’t find it too convenient
to drink from the cap So I totally remove both
the cap and the filter And pour the content
into a glass Or even better I drink straight from the blender To operate the blender First you need to make sure that the body
is well attached to the base And that this magnet that is located
at the bottom of the body Points at the operating button This is actually
a safety mechanism That prevents from
the blender to work So if both parts
are detached from each other The blender won’t turn on To turn on the blender
you should double press this button And while the blender operates
it will show a constant blue light When operating the blender
it will work for 40 consecutive seconds And then stop automatically If the ingredients inside the blender
are too large The motor will either not operate at all Or will pause after a while And you’ll see a red light flashing Only when the red light will go off
you’ll be able to enable the blender once again To pause the blender you also need
to double press the button while it’s working One of the complaints
I have about this blender Is that it doesn’t respond immediately
when I want it to pause So I have to press it
several times to stop it’s action Keep in mind that
when the blender works It’s strictly forbidden
to unscrew any of the parts It’s not a big mess
to clean the blender You should wash
it with soap and water And dry it gently But don’t place the base
inside a dish-washer Or soak it in water Because the base won’t last too long
if you’ll do that Charging can be done
either with the cable supplied with the package Or with any smartphone charger
that has a Micro-USB connection I’m still not sure how much time
it takes to charge the blender It seems about less than 1 hour But I will write the exact charging time
in the description to this video You can see that beneath the Micro-USB socket
there’s a USB socket And the reason for that is half cool – half funny Because this blender can also operate
as a power bank For example I will plug to it my smartphone And the moment I press the button The built-in battery starts charging
the smartphone… If you want to stop the charging process Just press the button once again… Amazing huh…!? To make things clear This blender is NOT intended
for hard ingredients such as meat And though it managed successfully
with carrots and nuts That have a relatively hard texture The golden rule for it
to operate well Is that no matter what you’ll choose
to place inside You should slice it into small pieces
of no more than 1.5 Sq. Cm Up to 60% of the capacity of the body Then fill it with either water
or milk or any other fluid you’re gonna use Up to 80% of the capacity of the body Then you should close it And you’re set to prepare
your juice or shake Or whatever you plan
to do with this blender according to the manufacturer a fully charged battery should last
up to 12 cups / uses with the blender In reality
if you use it properly The blender will finish shredding
shaking and blending after several seconds So there’s no reason to wait
the whole 40 seconds And this allows you to save the battery life And use it to make more than 12 drinks
with a single charge Now let’s go to the bottom line: Since I got this blender I drink much more
juices and shakes That helped me to improve
my eating habits Though it’s a relatively small blender And though the operating button
doesn’t always responds immediately And though you need to cut the ingredients
into really small piece Still, this is a really impressive device I thought I’m getting a toy here But for this price
and for this size It does a remarkable job! I managed to make
tasty shakes and juices So I totally see this as a blender
and not a toy or a gadget It’s more powerful than I expected The battery life is surprisingly
good so far And it doesn’t take too much effort
to clean it So once again I’ll say That if this device
will prove to be durable over time Then you should definitely consider
getting one for yourself Or for someone you want to surprise
with a healthy present Well boys and girls This was my video review
about this portable blender by “Pink Bunny” For further information about this item Please check the description to the video And if you still have any questions about it Please comment on this video And I will do my best to come up with an answer If this video review was helpful And you enjoyed watching it I invite you to “Like” this video You can also subscribe
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