Is the Slowstar or Omega VSJ843 Juicer Best ?

Alright, this is John Kohler with
! Today we have another exciting episode for you. And what we’re going to do today for
you guys is actually answer the question that I get so much over email each and every day,
‘John which juicer should I buy, man? I got it down to two choices- either the Slowstar
Juicer by Tribest or the Omega VSJ843.’ So this is actually a difficult question to
answer. And before I go on, I want to explain to you guys that in my opinion, these are
the best two vertical single auger juicers on the entire planet that I am aware of at
this time. Because they’re the second generation machines, you know. Other machines that may
look like this is the first generation, because they have a hole in the bottom of the screen.
And you want to try to avoid getting a vertical auger juicer with a hole in the bottom of
the screen because that is a major blockage point. It often jams up, clogs, it will give
you a lot of headaches. These two models don’t have the hole in the bottom of the screen,
and that’s why they’re second generation and outperform, don’t clog up as bad as
the other machines, you know. Matter of fact, Tribest announced that you could juice like
a whole head of celery without cutting it up in their juicer, without it clogging. And
I have replicated this, I’ve actually since replicated the same thing in the VSJ as well.
But that being said, I always encourage you guys to pre-cut your produce for best results.
That being said, if you’re juicing small amounts, you know, 32 ounces, don’t worry
about cutting, okay. So anyway, back to the question in hand, ‘Which
of these two guys do you get?’ I mean, I just had a recent video with my girlfriend.
This is her favorite juicer, right. This is the one she uses day in and day out to juice.
And meanwhile I had a video, you know, touting that the Slowstar juicer is the best juicer
for beginners, which I also would agree with. And it’s like anything in life, right. There’s
always pros and cons. I’m sure, you know, for your partner, your wife, your husband,
there’s things you like about them and there’s things you don’t like about them, right.
And I want you guys to focus on the things you like about your partner, and the things
you like about the juicer. And get the one that’s going to be appropriate for your
specific needs. So what I’m going to do in this episode is basically go over some
of the pros and cons of each of the different models so that you guys know. And at the end
of this video I’ll make suggestions based on certain criteria on which one you should
buy, alright. So here’s the thing- these are both second generation machines. They
both work phenomenally well. Let’s first start out with the warranty
difference. The Slowstar juicer has a 10 year warranty. The Omega VSJ has a 15 year warranty. Now let’s talk about the motor power. The
motor on the Slowstar is more powerful with more torque. So I don’t think I’ve ever
like gotten this to jam on me. Meanwhile, the VSJ, you know, I have a video that I’ll
post a link down below juicing carrots and it jams and clogs up. I was also recently
just this past weekend juicing beets in the VSJ and it also stopped up on the beets. So
then you have to sit there and hit the reverse switch and fiddle with it and play with it.
And there’s no need to do any of that on the Slowstar because it just powers right
through it, right. So that’s a pro for the Slowstar. On the flip side, the Omega VSJ
actually will leave you a pulp, virtually pulp free juice. This juicer makes the least
amount of pulp from any vertical single auger juicer, which in general tends to make a little
more pulp in the juice, right. Especially if you’re coming from the VRT series, Omega’s
previous generation of the vertical juicers, this one makes substantially less pulp. Now
the Slowstar makes less pulp than some of the other first generation machines. But it
still does put some pulp in the juice. And, you know, my recommendation is just drink
the pulp as it comes out because some pulp in with your juice, in my opinion, is a good
thing unless you absolutely hate pulp. I mean, most people get what, orange juice with pulp
in it, it’s not a big deal. But if you don’t like the pulp, the Slowstar gives you the
option to remove it if you don’t want it. And how they do that is actually they give
you a nice high quality 100% stainless steel sieve to remove all the pulp out of your juice
if you don’t want it. Of course, Omega on the other hand doesn’t even include a sieve,
you know, and in some cases the VSJ does make pulp in the juice. So you’re going to have
to go out on your own to buy a sieve to do this. So I’m glad that Tribest is including
this part to do that. Okay, the next thing I want to talk about
is the yield. I have a video, I’ll put a link down below when I juiced in both these
machines same exact produce items, and after sieving them both out, the VSJ made more yield.
But the more yield was only 7% more and I would estimate the yield difference to be
between 0 and maximum 10% difference. So if you’re juicing 10 ounces, you might get
one extra ounce, maybe a half ounce in the VSJ. But that depends on what specifically
you’re juicing. So for example, if you say, ‘John I’m going to juice like lot of leafy
greens’. Then, you know, my personal opinion based on my experience that the VSJ is going
to get a little bit higher yield when juicing like straight leafy greens than the Slowstar
machine. But on other things, the Slowstar will actually win because there’s no clear
winner every single category, right. So that’s, that’s having to do with the yield. Now another factor that’s important for
me and why I recommended the Slowstar for beginners is because not only will it juice,
right, not only will it extract nut milks, both these guys will, but also the Slowstar
unlike the VSJ actually has this attachment, which is known as the mincing or homogenizing
attachment and uses the same auger that comes with the machine. You put it inside here and
this allows you to make things like frozen banana sorbet. It allows you to make things
like baby food for your baby. It allows you to make things like salsas and nut butters.
It allows you to grind your coffee beans. If you’re still drinking coffee I say replace
the coffee with fresh juice instead, right. It lets you mince up garlic and so many other
uses you can do with this attachment that is included with the price of the juicer.
And let me tell you guys, I’ve been telling Omega forever since the VRT line that they
need to make a homogenizing blank plate attachment something for their machines, and they’re
still not doing it. And I know that a lot of people love this feature. You know, if
you want to make healthy lifestyle changes because you’re eating junk food, processed
food, you’re getting ice-cream that has monodiglycerides and corn syrup and all kinds
of additives and you want to start eating healthier, well this is the attachment that
allows you to take, you know, ripe frozen bananas that you’ve freezed yourself for
literally pennies a pound, and take them out and put them and make a nice creamy banana
ice-cream with no cream, it’s a 100% banana or banana sorbet that tastes amazing just
like icecream. And then you could top it with some chopped up nuts that you could also chop
up in this attachment. You could also, you know, mix it with frozen berries when you’re
doing the bananas and have a banana berry . You could make, you know, cantaloupe sorbet,
any kind of fruit virtually will make a sorbet. And if you go to one of those big box stores
like Costco or whatever, you could get organic fruits for super cheap. And if you’re not
a member of the warehouse clubstores, you know, go to like a Trader Joe’s. They got
frozen fruit for cheap as well. But don’t go to the big Whole Paycheck place, they’ll
take all your money. (laughter) So yeah, so that’s why I like the Slowstar.
Now let’s get into something that’s real sensitive to many people, is the cleaning.
And I want to go ahead and show you guys this. Let me take this apart here. Now the VSJ is
more easier to clean. And this is something that’s important to me that may be important
to you. Now what does it mean? Does it mean it’s half as easy to clean? Well, no, I
mean it’s a bit easier to clean. So I mean both the machines have pretty much similar
parts right here. So as you guys can see we have the tops you’re going to have to clean.
Then we have the basically the main juicing bowl, and then we have the wiping blades,
the screen and the auger. So , you know, if you look at the augers, they’re both fairly
similar here in the cleaning. They both have a recess on the bottom that you will need
to get in and clean. Actually I’ve never looked at this before, but the VSJ recess
is actually not as deep. Next we got the automatic wiping blade here.
And both are pretty similar. The VSJ is actually easier to clean because it doesn’t have
this, these teeth on the bottom which actually drives this. This is driven by the top, which
I really like a lot. And the finally we have the screen. So the screen area is less actually
on the VSJ. So this means cleaning is going to be a little bit easier, but there’s actually
more chances of the juice to come out of the screen of the Slowstar. Plus also you have
these extra ridges and extra plastic on the Slowstar that you’ll have to clean. So,
you know, although it is very similar, the VSJ is easier to clean. I mean, we’re getting
into the minutiae here. Now the other thing that’s important is
that the VSJ is also more quiet. So if you want a quieter machine, the VSJ is more quiet,
mainly because, you know, this one has this gear here and this little gear that spins
here. And that does make a little bit of noise, you know, with the rotating. Whereas the VSJ,
you know, the wiping blade is actually driven by the top of the auger. So if you’re like
super noise sensitive, you know, you’re going to want to go for the VSJ. That being
said, these machines are some of the quietest machines on the market. I mean, I think that
the VSJ is the quietest machine that I’ve tested to date. So yeah, that’s on the cleaning
and the noise factor. Let me go ahead and get this guy assembled
up and we’ll be right back at you sharing a few more pros and cons of each of the machines. Another difference between these machines
is the price difference. So the VSJ is more expensive than the Slowstar juicer. And what
you’re going to get for that is you know basically a little more yield, up to 10% yield,
5 extra years on the warranty. But what you’re going to miss out is the homogenizing attachment.
And right now we have the Slowstar promotion. So there’s actually a pretty wide gap between
the two different models. And for that reason, you know, you might want to go with the Slowstar
because it just costs less money. And let’s talk about after service, you
know, like warranty service for you guys. Because I know if you guys have a warranty
service and Omega has 15 year warranty and Tribest has 10 year warranty, how is it to
get a hold of the company and how responsive is the company to your needs? And I get feedback
on this all the time, trust me. And recently I’ve got a rash of people emailing me about
the service for Omega that they can’t get through, they don’t get return phone calls,
they don’t get their emails answered. And all I could say is that if you buy the juicer
from Discount Juicers, you let me know if you ever have problems with either of the
manufactures, I will personally make sure that you are taken care of. And you will not
get this when you buy the machine from anywhere else. I have special relationships with the
juicer manufacturers and I can get things done. But that being said, just for an average
person calling, overall Tribest has better customer service and support from the feedback
I’ve received. So the next thing I want to share is actually
pretty easy. And this is basically the size and weight of the machine. Some people like
small compact things and some people like things a bit more big and beefy, right. So
the Slowstar as you guys could see is a little bit taller than the VSJ. The VSJ is more compact.
And lets see this is actually quite heavy right there. And this guy is actually quite
heavy as well for a small compact thing. Probably about the, I’d guess the same weight. But
this guy is a little bit bigger. Next I want to talk about the color selections
and preferences. So the Slowstar, like Henry Ford said, you could have any color you want
as long as it’s black. Slowstar and Tribest believes that if you want the Slowstar you’re
going to get, you’re only going to be able to get it in black and this red maroon sparkly
color. And on the VSJ actually you have quite a few color options. You have this white color,
you have this silver color and then you also have a red color, right. And then in addition
to that, this is the square VSJ, they also have a round model that actually cuts off
this whole part here. So it has less footprint on the counter top. But it operates a 100%
the same. I do have a video, I’ll post a link down below comparing the round to the
square version. And that model actually only comes in two other colors. So you’ll have
a different, you know, selection of different colors if that’s one of your most important
criteria. So I think those are all the pros and cons
and some of the differences between the machines that I’ve been able to point out. I also
want to, you know, encourage you guys to watch the video where I compare the actual juice
off between these machines if you haven’t seen that already. And now what I’m going
to do is actually share with you guys my opinions on which one you should purchase based on
specific needs, right. So if you said John I want to just have a
hassle free juicing, like I don’t want to sit there and hit the reverse button all day
and you know, have to deal with carrots backing up. Then if you’re that kind of person,
then I would say get the Slowstar. If you’re one of those persons who says
John I want a pulp free juice the first time, I don’t want to deal with the strainer,
I don’t want to deal with the sieve sieving it out, that’s for humbug, you know, then
you’re going to want to go with the VSJ. And if you’re one of those people that’s
like noise sensitive, John I really can’t stand loud noises, or I got a neighbor next
door and he bangs on my wall when I’m juicing because the breville sounds like an airplane
taking off, and you got to get something quiet, well then you’re going to want to go with
the VSJ because it’s the quietest of them all. Now if you’re one of those people that actually
wants to get some pulp in your juice, then you’re going to want to go with the Slowstar
because it does put a fair bit of pulp in your juice. But as I said before you could
actually easily strain that out. Now if you have big family and you’re going
to be using the juicer a lot, you know, and you want to make dietary changes besides just
juicing, I’m going to say go with the Slowstar because it has that homogenizing attachment
that comes with the machine to allow you greater flexibility than the VSJ. Now if you’re one of those people that like
make long term investments and like to make sure you’re money is safe and you’re going
to be good for a long time, right, then you’re going to probably want to go with the VSJ
because that has a 15 year warranty instead of 10 year warranty. That being said, 10 years
is still quite a long time on the warranty. And I wish all kitchen appliances had a long
warranty. And even like things like cell phones, what if your iPhone had a 10 year warranty,
for 10 years you’re guaranteed that it’s going to be working. I mean, that’s simply
amazing. So I’m glad that both these machines have nice long warrantees. Now if you’re somebody that wants to juice
a lot of carrots, then I’m going to tell you guys straight up you’re going to want
to get the Slowstar because hassling with carrots in the VSJ is a hassle. And it’s
not too fun having to reverse it and what not. And if you’re going to juice something
like beets or other hard root vegetables, same thing, go with the Slowstar. Now you know, one of the reasons why you might
want to get the VSJ is because it actually does better on things like leafy greens. If
you said John I’m going to juice mostly straight leafy greens without anything else,
then I’d say go with the VSJ, it’s one of the best juicers in the market for juicing
straight greens. And if you’re going to do a mixture like, you know, mostly greens
with some carrots, then you might want to go with the VSJ. But if you’re going to
do mostly carrots and beets and some greens, then go with this guy, right. And, you know, I want to stop here and one
of the reasons why I like both these machines is because they juice a wide variety of things
from leafy greens, hard vegetables, and fruits. They all do it well, and you know, fairly
well given it’s just one style of machine, the vertical single auger. And, you know,
I do let to let you guys know that this is my favorite style machine. So if you’re one of those people that are
really focussed on the price, right, and the price is the most important thing to you,
then you’re going to want to go with the Slowstar because the Slowstar costs less money
than the Omega VSJ. Now if you’re one of those people that says
John I don’t care how much it costs, I don’t care how much yield I’m making, I don’t
care if it jams on carrots, but what I care about is that I have the easiest cleaning.
Because I know that if I don’t have a juicer that’s easy to clean, I’m simple not going
to use it. In that case then what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want
to go with the VSJ843 because it is easier to clean than the Slowstar with less nooks
and crannies and less screen area, which is going to be a lot easier to clean in the long
run. Now if you’re one of those people that actually
don’t like using the included plastic catch jars to catch your juice or catch containers,
then you’re going to want to go with the Slowstar. I like the Slowstar because it is
taller, it allows you to put a nice glass underneath the Slowstar spout to catch all
your juice so that it’s not going into a plastic container. Of course, if you’re somebody that has a
color coordinated kitchen, and that’s not me, and you got to have a certain color ,right,
then you’re probably going to have to go with the VSJ because they give you more flexibility
on the colors, right. Now if you’re one of those people that’s
square and not round and you want a square juicer and not one that’s rounded or oval,
then you’re going to want to go with the VSJ because the VSJ comes in this nice cute
model with a handy dandy switch on the front instead of the on and off switch on the back.
And this is the preference I like because I’m facing the machine, I can see the on
and off switch, I can easily use it when I need to reverse jamming on the carrots or
what not, and you know so that’s what I use. So if the most important thing to you is just
overall yield, then I’m going to have to say go with the VSJ because in my belief and
based on my current testing, the VSJ will get higher yield overall. Although in some
cases the Slowstar will get more yield. But in most cases the VSJ is going to be the winner
in the yield testing based on my prior experience. So if what’s important to you is having
the most flexibility to be able to do other things besides just juice, then of course
you want to go with the Slowstar because you have that homogenizing attachment, which in
my opinion is pretty huge. Now both these machines also come with specialized
cleaning brushes that you guys could clean the screens off. And one of the tips I want
to share with you guys is when you’re done juicing, clean up your juicer right after
you’re done. Because if it sits around for a little bit, the stains set in, you know,
the pulp dries in the screen, it gets significantly harder to clean, and just don’t do it. And
if you can’t clean it immediately, minimally fill up a dish tub with some water and soak
the parts in a dish tub so that you don’t get set in stains. Now for me, the VSJ takes
me about 3 minutes to clean and the Slowstar you know probably about 4 minutes to clean,
so it’s pretty close. But it’s not a lot of time. And I want to encourage you guys
to always clean the juicer after you’re done. So in summary I’d like to say that each
person has their specific needs. And I went over a whole bunch of different criteria earlier
in this episode on to which juicer you might want to get. And as you guys could see it’s
not a clear winner, like oh it’s always better to get this one or it’s always better
to get that one. You know, I wish there was a machine that took the best of both these
worlds and put them in one machine, right. And then I’ll tell you to get that one instead
of either of these two. I don’t really care, I just want a machine that works well, gets
the highest yield, easy to clean and all these things. And nobody’s come out with that
one juicer that does it all yet. So I’m still waiting for that. And be sure to subscribe to my videos down
below to be notified of when I have new and upcoming episodes of new juicers that’s
coming out on the market when I test them and share my opinions on them with you guys. But anyways, to sum up the VSJ and Slowstar
debate, you know, get the machine that will do the best for you based on your needs. Like
if price and flexibility is the most important, well then get the Slowstar. But if you want
yield and easy cleaning, then go with the VSJ. And I know it’s tough to figure it
out if you’re watching all my videos and trying to figure out which one to do, you
know, I will let you guys know this- I have twenty juicers in the house, I have a selection
of anything that I want to use, but for the most part I personally choose to use the VSJ843
simply because I’m lazy, you know, it’s easy to clean, I can save one minute on cleaning
time and I’m going to get a bit more yield without having to pre-filter my juice because
it comes out fairly pulp free and I actually prefer a pulp free juice than one with the
pulp. Now does that mean that you should get this one because I got it? Not necessarily.
I tend to juice a lot of greens. I don’t tend to juice a lot of carrots. You know I
juice a lot of celery which this does great in, you know I juice a lot of fruits and this
does great with cactus fruits and any fruits I throw in there. But you know, on the flip
side, the Slowstar will do fine too. But that’s just my personal opinion and what I use in
my kitchen and what sits on my counter most of the time. And I hope that Tribest in the future will
make improvements to this machine and even make it better. And that’s one of the things
I want to say is that, you know, in the past Omega has had customers have to, you know,
purchase a new machine when upgrades come out. And Tribest when they did come out with
the pulp flap and, you know, new seals and all this stuff on the machine, they actually
sent out for a limited time the free upgrades. So I really hope that Tribest, you know, makes
their machine better, the least the little spinner wheel makes it less, you know, less
parts to clean, you know, less pulp in the juice. And I know they can do this. And they
provide free upgrades or nominal cost upgrades. Whereas Omega generally will just come out
with a whole new juicer instead. So I like how Tribest is a little more customer service
oriented than Omega that actually just wants to sell you another juicer. And this is of
course my personal opinions. So with that, if you are interested in purchasing
one of these two juicers, I would encourage you guys to support me and my work which enables
me to make the videos I do on YouTube to educate the people, educate you guys about juicers,
about living healthily, about growing your food and all this kind of stuff, by making
your purchase as Discount Juicers. This allows me to continue to do my work. And I want to
thank you guys for your support. If you have supported me in the past or you know, for
your future support when you choose to make your purchase. So you could also check the
links down below to the Discount Juicers website on each of the machines to learn more about
them. Also check the links down below in the description for videos, related videos, that
I’ve also previously mentioned in this episode. Also be sure to check my past episodes. I
have over 400 episodes now comparing all the different juicers on the market so that you
guys could choose the best one for you. Also if you like this format, hey please give me
a thumbs up to let me know. I’ll do more head to heads and going over the pros and
cons of each of the machines, because every juicer has their pros and cons. And of course
I have my personal favorites as do you other people as well. So once again, my name is
John Kohler with . Be sure to visit
for special promotional offers for youtube visitors.

30 thoughts on “Is the Slowstar or Omega VSJ843 Juicer Best ?

  • I know someone thats a raw vegan and they choose the Omega, because it has more yield and longer warranty. They also say the Omega comes with everything to juice and the Tribest comes with extra stuff (blank plate) that's not needed to make juice. So if you are using it only to make juice, then the blank plate is waste.

    I personally have the round VSJ and have never had it jam on anything other than pineapple. I always buy from you John.

  • Excellent complete review. Ya, if either company would combine the pro features of both, that would b the ultimate juicer.

  • John, have you had the opportunity to test the new Juicepress Platinum. that has just come out? Apparently it has upgraded it’s DC motor from the previous model, which gives it a small footprint , is 40 rpm, and the juice remains vital for for 3 days rather than a matter of hours. It is suppose to be the easiest to clean because there is only one part to clean and the most powerful motor on the market.

  • Not only are the plastic teeth at the bottom of the screen harder to clean, but they can wear out easily. I had an Omega VRT350 that needed gear replacement within 2 years (I juice a lot). Warranty replacement took a few weeks and cost $11 for shipping, but would have cost about $60 if I had to ship the base (which I suspect will be needed by the end of year 3). I sold it and bought the VSJ843 which seems to be higher quality and less likely to need repair. I've recently used the Slowstar which I think I like best overall. I'd recommend buying both…

  • Great video John. This video will likely save you some back and forth emails like you did with me as I was one of those stuck between these two. I am glad I chose the VSJ843 for the low pulp, low noise, easy cleanup, etc and that it's a JUICER and not an ice cream machine or whatever so I don't care about the accessories. It has been running great and I love it.

    About the carrots, I had the idea before purchasing and it has been working well. I buy the bags of baby carrots (they even come in multi-color at some markets) this saves me from brushing/peeling/cutting full size carrots, does NOT bog down the VSJ and is conveniently pre-measured for my use.

    It is a PLEASURE to support your work through purchasing – not just for all your valuable work here at Discount Juicers but also the wealth of information provided at OKRaw and Growing Your Greens – even though you still pronounce sieve "SEEVE" instead of "SIV".. 😉 Thanks for everything John!

  • It's all about the Tribest EliteGSE-5000 if you mostly juice vegetables. It could probably juice a 2X4 if thats what you wanted so carrot, beets, cellery and all other root vegetables are no problem. And one thing about the screen that john shows you is that it works too good. I enjoy the pulp which reminds me to chews which activates the saliva glands which I believe gets your stomache ready to digest. Tribest costumer service is great too. So if I wanted a horizontal juicer that's probably the one I would choose just based on my experience with their products and service. Thanks John, I always enjoy watching your vids and feeling the good energy you give towards everyone.

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