Is Juicing Making You Fat?

We did an interview with you for Natural Juice Junkie in December and at that point you were 120 pounds down and you’d start doing all these crazy
obstacle races and everything else and then suddenly its all gone a bit crazy for you we’re seeing you turn up in every bit of the
media in every part of the world you’ve been featured in some mainstream press which is really cool. I thought
the best place to start actually was to ask you a question that
was recently posed by one of those publications The Daily Mail. Here is the question… Is juicing making you fat? I would say if you look at the before and after picture it’s hard to tell which is which I mean, definitely not. I felt better before I felt thinner and the weight loss
seemed to be a side effect of just eating healthy and having natural fresh ingredients going into the system when previously I was inhaling burgers, fat sugar, pasties, kebabs and all of the rubbish things you’ll have while you’re on the
go while I was out in the car so absolutely not

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