Introducing Bosch Hand Mixer

We’ve had a breakthrough: More cream. Yet the same number of calories FineCreamer: More cream, yet the same number of calories. The Styline hand mixer with that bit extra: FineCreamers. Bosch MFQ4: The first hand mixer with FineCreamers. FineCreamer: More volume, quicker results. Considerably more air in cream, foams and light dough. More cream in an instant. Unbelievably light egg whites. Fluffy cremes. This is how conventional hand mixers beat a litre of cream. The FineCreamers from Bosch turn a litre of cream into so much more. Up to 22% more volume in an instant. Get up to 55% more volume from your egg whites. Light dough, fluffy mousse and much more cream – all for the same number of calories. The kneading hook… …also for heavy dough. Simple, quick and secure: The click system for more accessories. Clean, quick and versatile: The universal processor for every application. Stainless steel mixer foot with innovative blade cutter for perfect results. Gentle and quick pureeing. Quicker to prepare than to say: Parfaits, amuse-geules or mousse. Styline Extra FineCreamer: More volume in an instant. Styline series: Appliances with that bit extra.

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  • здраствуйте, насадку нижней части как можно приобрести? Потому что в комрлекте идут только 2 вида насадок бзбивка и тестомешалка

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