Intro ejercicios para Blender

Hi, everyone. Welcome to this introduction video. In this introduction video, I’m going to explain the most important things that we’re going to need to use from Blender. To develop the exercises that I’ll upload on Youtube next weeks or days. Whether is possible. Well. We run Blender. Graphics, Blender. We are going to use the 2.78 version. The first thing that should learn is to move scenes’ views. For it. We’re going to use the mouse’s middle button. We always work with this button. If we want to do a zoom in or zoom out ,the only thing that we’ll do is rotate mouse’s middle button. In this way, we zoom-in and zoom-out. If we want to rotate the scene, press the mouse wheel of the mouse. In this way, we can rotate the scene.

2 thoughts on “Intro ejercicios para Blender

  • Continuo viendo sus excelentes videos.
    Una sugerencia, ¿Por qué no cambia el idioma a Español ? lo digo porque los que andamos un poco escasos de inglés técnico
    nos resultaría más comprensible

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