INTEL ISEF 2018 | VLOG [part 2] | Mixer Party, Judging, Welcome Night

So everyone’s name is written on here. These are the finalists. We can find our name. Where are we going? We’re going to go meet with other California ISEF finalists. We just met a lot of California people And we took a big picture. Yeah there was a meet-up for all people from California. There were 60 people participating. That was not efficient. We gotta carry the food back there, right? Since there’s free food. Priorities. Yeah lol Didn’t you get like four bags of chips? No, more. Five. Five. And like, fifteen cookies, I think. My project focuses on detecting wildfires At the very earliest stage of development. So the user can be in one place at his computer And looking and monitoring the entire area. Most importantly, my system is multi-variable So it uses several detection methods. So right now we’re going down to the finals mixer Which is like a party where all the 1790-something people go And have fun together. Let’s go. Tomorrow is judging. We’re ready. Oh, that’s… I need to be in this. Just take your bag off so we can check inside of it. You guys can go down there as well. Scan, scan, right? All kinds of scan.
There you go. Thank you All right, this is it this is actually the judging day right now. I’ve been waiting for this for months. It’s Wednesday. So right now I’m gonna put my good clothes on, and let’s get going. It’s 7 AM right now.
We need to go into the hallway. I’m so excited for this. Let’s go. We’re stacking up on some waters here. So here I was After hundreds of hours of work,
months of work After flying all the way across the country On this early Wednesday morning, I was ready to go out And present what I did to judges. The ISEF judging process is pretty intense and sometimes really grueling. During a long period of seven hours Each finalist gets interviewed by judges. All of whom are PhD-level scientists in their respective field. Canned speeches or big memorized phrases simply don’t work at Intel ISEF They can ask you absolutely any question Or interrupt you at any moment in the interview. So you have to be ready to always think on your feet And know your stuff really well. There is no safety cushion. You have to be on top of your game for every interview. You have to do everything you can To make every judge equally impressed by your project. There’s so many people here, it’s insane. I still remember this morning as if it was yesterday. I got sick a few days before My throat hurt when I talked But I knew that this was my last
international science fair. This was my last chance to do well And I was ready to give absolutely everything I could. So, finally done with judging. My voice is completely gone. We’ve been
talking for like 7 hours straight. Let’s go, dude. Am I in the photo? It’s a video! I just came back from the judging. As you can see, my voice is just completely dead. Since 8 a.m. To 4 p.m. Almost… …the entire time and it’s pretty… asdfghjkl I’m so tired right now. And now we’re gonna have some fun. Go out and go to the Pittsburgh Visit Night And what’s happening there. That was pretty fun. It’s raining pretty hard outside right now. The best flavor, rainbow. I’ve never tried it [Dippin Dots]. Vlog style’s better. So we’re about to watch a movie.
I’m really not sure. Yeah so it’s actually fun. Yeah.

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